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I will never tire of saying that a blog owned by our domain and property is the central axis of our internet business. Your blog is your home, and starting your venture from someone else’s home could have its advantages because it is free, but in reality, as all entrepreneurs know very well, cheap can be expensive, so you better buy your domain.

A free blogging platform has no guarantee for you in something as important as your business in which, if you have not invested that money at the moment, you have invested a lot of time, effort and above all enthusiasm. An illusion that could simply vanish. Think about how you would feel if, by some fatal mistake, all your work of months or years disappeared and you could not do anything about it.

Another factor to take into account is that, on free blogging platforms, the owner of the blogyou can have your blog to insert advertising without having to be aligned with the type of advertising or supplying you any economic advantage. Imagine that you talk about cooking on your blog, and they insert advertising from vehicle companies. Maybe your readers will be bothered by this and if it is very invasive advertising, stop visiting you.

Therefore, you must decide from the beginning of your venture in reserve your own domain and a hosting plan for your blog. Of course, you can keep it simple, the investment will be minimal for the advantages that they really entail, and of course ridiculous if you compare it with starting a business with a physical store.

I recommend you HOSTGATOR because it is the cheapest accommodation that I have found so far and it is the one I use in this blog and in others that I have previously had. You have the possibility to install the WordPress editor, the most professional-looking blogs (we will talk about this in another post), and you can buy your domain at the same time, or buy it elsewhere if it is cheaper for you and redirect it without having any problem for it.

The only downside that Hostgator could have is the language, if you don’t defend yourself at least a little bit with English, you may find the hiring and installation a bit more cumbersome, but if you are assisted in the process you will not have any problem. Then everything goes smoothly and it is only a matter of renewing the domains, although they themselves will send you the notices for the account that brings them so that you do not miss out. I include here my affiliate partner link in Hostgator, this means that if you hire a hosting plan from this link, I would get a small commission. It is what is called an affiliate program, it is a way to get some more income on your blog. But we will talk about this topic in another post.


Other domain registrars and hosting hosting companies are 1and1 and Hostpapa, I can’t really give you details because I haven’t covered them. I do know that they have the language in their favor, since accessing from Spain they will attend you in Spanish, although it is unlikely that you will ever have to speak to them.

What I do recommend is always that you protect your data in your domains by contracting identity privacy, or if it is free (as in Dondominio), make sure that it is activated (otherwise, due to the Whois listings, your postal information including your telephone number will be available to the public). Dondominio has that advantage, as well as that of the language and a fairly good service thanks to the chat, but in general it usually has a higher price.

You can always compare, and if you do, you should take into account the USD-EUR change factor (currently in favor of the euro) and the fees that will be added later if you buy outside of Europe (which will make the final price a bit more expensive). You also have to keep in mind that the domain and hosting market is full of Promotions and offers, and many prices will depend on the moment in which you are going to hire.

By the way, are you thinking of buying your domain and hosting to start your own business?… Shall we talk about it?

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