How to buy a Netflix card in Oxxo safely and quickly?

With the netflix oxxo cards you have the solution to enjoy the content it offers you NETFLIX. If you want to have access to services and products such as streaming movies and series.

Netflix Oxxo cards: Open the doors to streaming and Netflix series

If you do not have a credit or debit card, precisely, the netflix oxxo cards They are designed so that all consumers like you who do not have a debit card or a credit card can access the streaming content of Netflix movies and series.

As long as you have an internet connection, in this way you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or series, because it is a prepaid card that gives you access to all the benefits.

If you bought the Netflix prepaid card at OXXO It helps you to watch the movies and series you want without having to share your financial information online, since you will not need to link the credit or debit card to the account.

It also has the advantage that when the subscription ends you will not pay again if you consider that you have already seen the content that interests you the most and you will save several days until you re-enter another card whenever you want.

The netflix oxxo gift cards arrived in Mexico with the aim that you continue to be a Netflix subscriber in a more practical way without having to pay every consecutive month.

Of course, the duration will depend on the price you pay for the card you choose, whether it is $ 99, which is equivalent to 7 dollars, or the one for $ 299, which is equivalent to 22 dollars, because when you register, the card will be deducted from the balance on the cut-off date. .

How much do netflix cards cost oxxo prices

Regarding the netflix oxxo cards prices you can choose a $ 99 card or a $ 299 card according to your possibilities.

How to pay for netflix in oxxo?

You know how to pay netflix in oxxoIf you do not want to pay by credit card, debit card or do not want to use a prepaid card, you can pay with cash at any of the OXXO stores.

Anyway, paying with a prepaid card is a good option when you refuse to share your financial information, as is paying with a Netflix recharge at OXXO because you don’t share your bank details and you make the payment quickly.

Well, the payment method in OXXO is by recharging Netflix, for which you will redeem the code in your Netflix account. You will receive this code when paying with cash at an OXXO store. Orient yourself by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to an OXXO store.

Step 2: Request the Netflix recharge at the checkout where you will pay with cash.

Step 3: Provide your phone number where you will receive an SMS.

Step 4: Enter

Step 5: Write the redemption code that you received by SMS.

Step 6: Press Redeem and it will be applied to your new account or existing account.

Step 7: After you paid the account you will enter from the link that you will receive on your mobile phone.

What if Netflix payment was declined?

It is likely that with Netflix paid has been rejected by the bank, then in this situation you must verify that all your payment information is correct, that is, that the expiration date, the security code and the postal code have been entered correctly.

As the incorrect entry of this data is very common, you must log in to your account and choose Manage payment information to correct them or try another form of payment.

You must also be sure that your payment method allows e-commerce transactions.

What are the Netflix payment methods?

To enjoy the streaming service, you have several Netflix payment methods:

Debit card and credit card, they can be Visa, American Express and MasterCard as long as they are enabled to carry out international transactions and frequent electronic commerce.

You can also pay netflix with paypal as long as you verify that you have sufficient funds in your account. Choose this option if you don’t want to pay by credit or debit card.

  • In the PayPal options in automatic billing, activate automatic recurring payment.
  • Enter your Netflix account and then your account, payment and update information.
  • Then choose the plan you will subscribe to.
  • Choose PayPal as the type of payment, continue with PayPal and the system will redirect you to log in.
  • Accept the terms and you will make the payment of your membership.
  • After you have credited the Netflix account, go to Settings in the upper right (on the gear)
  • Login to your PayPal account and then go to Settings.
  • Choose Payments / manage payments.
  • By pressing Show inactive you will see your payment made.
  • By pressing on Netflix you will see the details of your payment.
  • Click Activate and you will activate automatic payments.
  • By activating the option, all the following payments will be made automatically on the same date and if you regret and want to change the payment method, you can do so in the Manage Funding Sources option.

What price are Netflix cards at Oxxo?

You want to know what price are Netflix cards in OxxoWell, with the $ 99 card, which is equivalent to $ 7, you get the value of a month’s subscription.

With the $ 299 card, which equals $ 22, you get a 3-month subscription to the single plan.

How to buy a Netflix card at Oxxo?

You know how to buy a Netflix card at OxxoWell, once you buy it in one of the OXXO stores, you will start enjoying streaming content by creating an account or redeeming the value of the card in favor of an existing Netflix account.

To do this, you will enter the Netflix website and following the payment process you will enter the 11 digits of your card code in the Gift card section, which you will discover by gently scratching it with a coin.

How long does a 100 peso Netflix card last?

As you read earlier, each card has a duration depending on its amount, so you know how long does a 100 peso Netflix card last, because although it does not cover the payment of any plan, it helps you to pay the next monthly payment.

How long does the 300 netflix card last?

You know how long does 300 netflix card last, because in principle you can pay any plan from the basic plan to the Premium.

If you want the basic plan it will cover you for two months and if you prefer the Premium plan it will cover you for one month. Estimatedly it will last you two months and 14 days if you want the basic plan, it will last you 1 month and 13 days if you want the standard plan and it will last you one month and 7 days if you prefer the Premium plan.

How do you use the Netflix card?

You know how to use the Netflix cardWell, once you bought it, you will activate it with an email so that you can obtain the activation code.

Step 1: enter

Step 2: Enter the 11-digit PIN code.

Step 3: If you already have a Netflix account, enter the code choosing to redeem gift card and its amount will be added to your account.

How is Netflix paid?

You have several ways to solve How do you pay Netflix:

  • With a debit or credit card at Oxxo.
  • Buying a Netflix gift card at Oxxo.