How to boost your business with Twitter?

If you have a business and you want to attract customers, use the advantages that Twitter offers you. Here we give you some ideas.

boost-business-with-Twitter1. Inform about your new products or services

Make your customers know all your data so that they know about your new offer of products or services.

For example, if your business is a pastry shop, promote new models of decoration or flavors, so that your customers have the opportunity to find out in time and ask you for one.

2. Lower prices for your Twitter followers

You can offer your products with discounts for those who follow you through this social network. This will be a hitch to get more customers.

3. Make raffles among clients who recommend you

Raffle a product or service among those who recommend you with their friends; This way you will be able to boost your business and generate more customers.

4. Form groups with other vendors

If your business is surrounded by other small businesses, organize them so that together they offer one or two promotions per week. In this way, you will capture the interest of your followers on Twitter.

5. Organize contests among your followers

For example, if your services include hair dye, then offer a free one to clients who answer a trivia question via Twitter. That way, the next time they want a change of look, they will turn to you and recommend you to their friends.

6. Do community service

If you sell medicine items or wheelchairs for the disabled, post it on Twitter. Add a phone number so they can contact you; someone will appreciate your gesture.

7. Give some news

It is an excellent idea to promote your business. If you offer hairdressing products, inform about new hair treatments or creams to strengthen hair. This will be a plus in your ads.

8. Recommend services to your clients

If your company is an electronic repair company, you can give information on related services that people need and that are close to the sector where your business is located.

9. Messages from your clients on Twitter

For example, if you have a flower shop, let your clients send greetings to their partners, on Valentine’s Day; more than one will also ask you to add a bouquet of roses.

10. Promotional cards

If you give business cards, be sure to include a phrase in your data that lets it be known that you have Twitter. Something like “Follow us on Twitter” and add the address.

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