How to become a Successful Leader?

How to become a Successful Leader?

Many times I have asked myself this question and I have come to the conclusion that there are 4 basic needs in people and that according to what we need, we move or not, we are inspired or not, etc.

Do you like to be followed or do you follow others? Do you like to be listened to, that they trust you, that they believe in you, that you influence others? what do you need to solve internally?Achiever Leader

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When I was little I heard the word LEADER And as it scared me, I thought that LEADER was an angry and bossy person, heh, little by little I have been learning about that concept, because my profession has required it, firstly what I learned was a concept that I loved. I share:


So when I saw this concept my perception changed a lot, because it speaks to me of inspiration and confidence, there is, there is, why would I need inspiration? Where does that attitude lead? we simply need inspiration or an internal motive based on a need, satisfying that need based on an internal vision makes inspiration help you see EVERYTHING of what you want to achieve, human needs are these:

1.- Love and be Loved

2.- Membership

3.- Independence

4.- Eigenvalue

If you discover any of these or all of the unsatisfied needs in you, I invite you to discover what would happen if that need was met?

1.- Loving and Being Loved:

Every human being has the need to Love, because it is not a lonely being or an Island, human beings are 65% Kinesthetic or something like that, that is, we are very emotional, sensitive, we like to hug, kiss, intimidate and I mean In general, you can see a way of manifesting that Kinesthesia on the birthday, we want to congratulate, whisper close to the ear CONGRATULATIONS.

And so we realize that the largest organ, which is the skin and measuring 2 meters, comes into contact with the other person and that awakens a certain feeling in us, we like or dislike, depending on the case, a touch, a handshake, a handshake, a kiss etc.

Being Loved is also a basic need in people, we like to be shown how much someone is interested in us and we are waiting for a call from someone important, the flowers of the love of my life, the visit of my best [email protected] Anyway, with the expressions of affection from other people we feel loved, you who like more or rather, what do you think you need more? To Love or To Be Loved?

2.- Membership:
We also have this deep-rooted need, because we want to belong to Political, Religious, Sports, Family parties, etc., that is, we like the Klan, some more than others, because I repeat that we are not an Island, we are a group, no matter how big I mean boy.

3.- Independence:
Many times we fight for the right to want to be right and we give our lives in it, other times we believe in what a loved one thinks, about my clothes, about my work, about my money, etc. then what is the equilibrium point? because if I ignore you, my pride increases if I depend on you, I annihilate my will myself, oh dear, what a dilemma, the balance point is interdependence, that is, to do as a mixture of your ideas and mine and evaluate what I stay with, and develop your own criteria, the day will come that you will no longer need the opinion of others so much and that is that you have matured, you have developed a critical thinking that has led you to be Independent, that is, In (within …) Dependent (which only depends on your inner being) let the voice of inner Wisdom guide you when you make decisions.

4.- Eigenvalue:
Realize that you were born with unlimited potential, that the only person who sets limits that generate fear, shame, resentment, ARE YOU!

You have a very special gift, perhaps it is for music, for art, for sports, to speak in public, to sing, dance, cook, in short! What do you think you are for [email protected] ? There are many people who can recognize those abilities in you, do you recognize them? Why do you think God gave you that ability? Is it appropriate to put it at the service of those around you?

Did you know that the 207 bones that support the 500 muscles, moved by 100,000,000,000 yes, one hundred billion neurons, little computers or computers that govern your brain and that work day and night, when you are awake or asleep, that make up systems like the digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, circulatory, etc. You are a marvel, a miracle of the Creator, how come you keep thinking that you are not going to be able to make your work team succeed.

Or you will not be able to help your son in mathematics, or you will not be able to advise your friend who is on drugs? there are a hundred billion neurons perfectly connected and in harmony to make your life work, so who says you are stupid or stupid? Who has made you believe that or rather to whom have you given power?

Just look at your hands, your feet, your hair, your skin, your eyes, your lips, your face, your neck, your shoulders, your hips, your legs, and your feet? who or what, has done that to you? And what do you think you have those hands for, what do you have those feet for, where can they lead you, what can you achieve with your eyes, with your smile, with your voice?

If you now know that all 4 needs are all of us human beings, have you already discovered what your # 1 need is? How much more time will it take for you to get inspired and resolve that need? What else has to happen to you, who else do you want to continue giving your power to decide what it is up to you to decide and that you have not taken action just for the fact of not committing yourself? Do you call yourself a LEADER or do you think you can develop as such?

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