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How to become a beneficiary of the UADEC social service

If you are interested in being a beneficiary of the UADEC social service, you must meet several requirements, are you sure you can meet all of them? Do you know what the requirements are? If you do not know them, then you will know them to ensure that you comply with them and you can be admitted as a beneficiary:

Requirements to be a beneficiary of the UADEC social service

To be a beneficiary of UADEC social serviceYou must be sure that you meet and can present the following requirements of the upper secondary level:

  1. Your birth certificate.
  2. The original of the high school certificate.
  3. Have the completed application issued by the corresponding department.
  4. Photographs.
  5. Have the covered fees determined by the university.
  6. Have a certificate of good health and be able to present it.
  7. Have the approved admission exam.
  8. Have the legalized high school certificate.

Requirements for registration of re-entry to the social service UADEC

  1. Have the application for admission duly completed.
  2. Photographs.
  3. Comply with the requirements of the university regulations.
  4. Be in accordance with the school calendar corresponding to registration.
  5. Have paid what the university determines.

SIIA UADEC social service

To access the provision of the uadec social service follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. You will need to enter your registration number and your password.
  3. You must indicate the level that you are studying, for example a bachelor’s degree or high school.
  4. If you have not previously registered, complete the registration form to be authorized to enter the application.
  5. Then click Sign in.
  6. If you have any problem you can contact through the email address: [email protected], mx
  7. But for better care go to to complete the form.
  8. You must indicate your full name, your school or agency, your email address and you will write your comment with details.
  9. Check that the data you entered is correct and click Submit to wait for a response to your comment.

What does he do uadec social service

  1. As a social service, its objective is to strengthen the social commitment around the University.
  2. Encourage undergraduate and high school students to nurture their spirit of service by establishing collaboration networks with the various government agencies to carry out projects in favor of those most in need.

Requirements of the uadec social service

  1. As a high school student, you must complete 100 hours from the third quarter or at least have completed 50% of the credits.
  2. As a student of a bachelor’s degree you must complete 480 hours from the sixth or seventh semester or at least have completed 70% of the credits.
  3. But you will have to comply with 960 hours until finishing the study plan in case you are studying the bachelor’s degree in health sciences including nursing, dentistry and medicine.

Uadec social service scholarships

The Student Support Department is the entity that contributes to training professionals with the best academic preparation and recognizing their academic quality.

In this sense and taking into account a limited economic condition, it fosters its talent by supporting and advising professional projects with a fair type of service.

It establishes institutional policies for the integral formation of the student.

For this, it benefits the student community in a fair and equitable way through the department of student supports with scholarships.

Requirements for uadec social service scholarships

To benefit from the scholarships you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You will register as a new entry or re-entry in an official school of upper secondary level or higher of the uadec.
  2. You must be a regular student.
  3. Depending on the scholarship you wish to apply for, your average must be a minimum, for example, an artistic and sports civic university residence scholarship requires a minimum average of 80, an academic support scholarship requires a minimum average of 85, if you want to apply for a scholarship for Academic excellence will require that you have a minimum GPA of 95.
  4. As a semester stipend, the scholarship consists of an amount that varies according to the type of scholarship, because while the artistic scholarship has an amount of $ 2000, the scholarship for academic excellence, academic support, civic, sports and university residency is of $ 1000.

Knowing that in general to carry out the scholarship application process you must go to Within the month of October of the school year, you will process it at different addresses according to each scholarship you wish to access:

  1. The university residence scholarship will be processed at the uadec residence hall, telephone (844) 16 21 35.
  2. The artistic scholarship will be processed at the Higher School of Music, telephone (844) 17 72 38/417 72 39.
  3. The civic scholarship will be processed at the Events Department of the public relations coordination in Saltillo: Blvd. V. Carranza 2143, telephone (844) 4 381636/438 16 02.
  4. The sports scholarship will be processed in Sports Development. Saltillo: Sports Unit, telephone (844) 4 32 11 97/4 32 11 98, Torreón: Unit Coordination, telephone: 7293222, North: Unit Coordination, telephone: 649024.
  5. The scholarship for academic support and academic excellence will be processed in Student Support: Saltillo: Building G ground floor, Campo Redondo Unit, telephone: (844) 412.91.18, Torreón: Unit Coordination, telephone: 7293207/729213, North: Unit Coordination , phone: 6496055/6496025.
  6. Take into account the registration credit that works as a support for low-income students who are unable to pay the registration in a single issue, since it is necessary that you do not have any type of debt with the uadec and be able to demonstrate that you do not have economic solvency ,.

You should also remember that you can process the credit in the month of January of each school year and from June to September always within each school year.

The registration credit process can be done at

Optional insurance uadec

The optional uadec insurance works as a university extension as part of social promotion highlighting the values ​​of solidarity and committing to the community and the environment.

You can join by going to Calle Hidalgo Sur 435, Zona Centro, Saltillo Coah, telephone (844) 414-99011 / 414-1852.