How to be licensed to work as a home plumber or plumber

If you are looking forward to getting your license to work as a home plumber or plumber You must follow several steps to meet all the requirements required by law.

Below you are about to read everything you must do to open a plumbing business or work in the United States as a plumber …

Requirements to obtain a home plumber or plumber license

As a first step so that you can have your home plumbing license or plumbing You must take three exams and pass them to become a master plumber and meet certain requirements:

To be able to be a master plumber You must be 21 years of age.

The cost of the license has a value of 3 thousand dollars.

You must also show that you have 4 years of apprenticeship experience.

Before the exams, you must have the approval of the Council of State to be able to present and graduate.

How to graduate to be a plumber or plumber

Plumber: When you graduate as a plumber you will not be a master plumber if you have not passed the exams, so your work will include the installation, modification, repair and renovation of pipes in accordance with the standards, rules and regulations established by the board and you will even work under the supervision of a master plumber.

Master plumber: As a master plumber you will work with a license, as a qualified professional, trained, with experience and with the technical knowledge necessary to properly plan, design and install plumbing repair appliances and equipment and you will also supervise other plumbers in their performance such as controlling their work with the rules and regulations established by the Council of State.

Exam details to obtain the plumbing license

The exam for you to have the plumbing license consists of 100 questions with a time limit to answer them of 195 minutes.

You must take a 25-question practical exam with a time limit of 130 minutes.

The exam is divided into two sections: “commerce” and “business”. The trade exam includes topics such as general knowledge, plumbing, general regulations, waste, isometric analysis, specialty pipes, S&V water supply system, and roof drain pipes.

The northwestern business exam includes topics such as contract management, licensing, estimating and bidding, labor law, business organization, tax law, risk management, financial management, security, and project management.

New Jersey-Houston: To obtain a master plumber license in New Jersey-Houston you must meet the following requirements:

You must be at least 18 years of age.

Must be able to read and write in English.

You must be qualified to perform the work authorized by the license.

You must have an impeccable morale that shows that your skills will not affect the performance of the functions that you will fulfill.

Responsibilities: In addition to the above requirements, you must meet at least one of the following levels of experience:

Have at least 7 years of total experience within the 10 years prior to planning, designing, or installing plumbing systems under the direct and ongoing supervision of a lead U.S. plumber

Receive a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or engineering technology from a university registered by the Department of Education.

Have 5 years of total experience within the 7 years prior to planning, designing, or installing plumbing systems under the direct and ongoing supervision of a U.S. licensed plumber.

Be a licensed professional from the state of New Jersey, registered architect or engineer.

Have at least 3 years of experience within the 5 years prior to planning, designing, and installing plumbing systems in the United States supervised by a licensed plumber.

At least 1 year of experience in New Jersey City.

Have at least 7 years of total experience within the 10 prior to the same previous jobs with at least two years of experience working on the design, planning and installation of plumbing systems under the direct and ongoing provision of a licensed lead plumber in United States.

Experience may be obtained by performing maintenance, replacement, and repair work in buildings or for a city agency, as long as the work is performed under the direct and ongoing direction of a licensed supervisor of lead plumber employed by the city agency.

Experience: Have experience as an employee of a government agency, private inspection agency, or other entity.

Be accepted by the building commissioner, whose functions consist of the inspection of works in accordance with the plumbing code of the city and other laws related to the installation, repair of plumbing systems.

Well, it is a combined experience equivalent to 7 years of work experience that is required within the 10 years prior to the application for the license.

License application: You must sit and pass a written and practical exam to become a master plumber.

To take the written exam you must complete the exam application and indicate that you are a lead plumber.

As a candidate you must submit the application paying the fee of $ 545 and after passing the exam you must request the practical exam by completing the application and indicating that you are a master plumber candidate and you will send the application attaching the fee of $ 350.

However, depending on your intentions, you should know that it is not always necessary that you obtain a license, since this depends on the fact that, for example, if you are interested in being a plumbing apprentice you will not need a license, but if you want to become a plumber or master plumber you will require a license.

But there are still differences by state, so you read the general requirements and those that apply to New Jersey-Houston.

And finally in the state of California, a plumber does not need a license and in New York you must register but you don’t need a license.

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