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How to apply for a marriage license

The marriage license It is an essential requirement for all people who want to get married in the United States, since it is a document from which they receive an authorization with rules that vary according to each state.

How to get a marriage license

It is important that the marriage license Get it before the wedding if you want a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony.

Validity: This type of license is valid for a limited time, as its period of validity depends on the issuing state, as it specifies the minimum period between obtaining it and the wedding ceremony.

Most states in the United States stipulate a validity of between 30 and 60 days, but some states may offer a longer validity, but if you decided to get married it is advisable that you start requesting it a week or two before the ceremony.

Issuing agency: The city, city council or a county employee is the one that usually issues the license. That is why it is important that you manage it in the state where the wedding will be held and you should even know that it is necessary for the bride and groom to request it together.

Requirements: The basic requirements to submit the application include identification, blood or medical test and residency,

But the requirements differ around the required documents, residency, blood test, the minimum age to marry with or without the consent of the parent or guardian, the validity and duration of the license,

For this reason, to make sure you meet the requirements, contact the clerk’s office of the city or county where you plan to get married or the correct information can be found on their website, since in some cities you can only do so in person or by phone.

DocumentsAlthough the documents you must present may vary, the requirements are the same for Americans and non-Americans, as long as they are both in the United States.

When one of the parties is foreign and therefore their documents are in a foreign language, they need to have the documents translated into English with a certified translation in order to start the licensing process.

Likewise, the non-US citizen must determine if their country of origin requires other special documents in addition to the marriage certificate before the country of origin can recognize the marriage.

The most common required documents are:

-Identification with photo that can be the driver’s license or the passport.

– Birth certificate.

– Proof of residence and / or citizenship.

In the event that they are widowed or divorced, they must provide a certified copy of the divorce or death certificate.

If you are an applicant who does not meet the minimum age requirement derbies present a written consent from a judge or parents.

-The result of medical or blood tests.

-Proof of payment of the license fee.

If, as one of the parties, you are not a citizen of the United States, you should contact your national embassy to verify the requirements according to your country of origin.

Even your embassy could provide you with assistance in preparing the required documentation when you apply for your license.

Keep in mind that if you form a non-US citizen couple, you can marry in the United States as long as a marriage abroad is officially recognized in your country of origin.

In any case, you should be clear that non-US citizens who marry in the United States do not have the right to residency or visa benefits.

Like other requirements, the minimum age for you to marry without parental consent varies, but generally if you have reached 18 years of age you can marry without the consent of your parents or guardians.

For example, in Nebraska, the minimum age is 19, while in Mississippi, it is 21, but in many states, marriage is allowed to minors under 16 or 18 years old with judicial or parental consent.

On the other hand, some states allow a pregnant woman to marry under 18 years of age and marry without parental or judicial consent.

Marry a foreigner:

You can marry a foreigner who is in the United States without a partner having immigration status.

If both parties wish to marry in the United States, it is considered valid, because the marriage is in accordance with state law, which is independent and different from federal immigration law in the United States.

Green card:

If you are a foreigner and you want to marry a US citizen and you want to stay in the United States and you can apply for a green card based on your marriage, well, although it is not an easy process, there is chaos in which you may have a green card.

Well, in some cases it can be considered unsafe and in others prohibited.

In fact, the spouse is not allowed to remain in the country after marrying, since the immigration request must be handled and followed in an appropriate manner for the foreign spouse’s stay in the United States to be considered legal and permanent.


If you are a foreigner, you received a K1 boyfriend / girlfriend visa or a K3 spouse visa, you can stay in the United States and submit a green card application and eventually the foreign spouse can apply for United States citizenship.

But, if you are a foreigner and you entered the United States without any K visa, it is necessary that you return to your country after marriage.

You can return to the United States after the issuance of a K-3 marriage visa as it is the non-immigrant visa for the spouse or the CR which is the immigrant visa for the spouse of a United States citizen.

Tips on Marriage License

Read more help to get the marriage license:

-Both foreign bride and groom are legally eligible to marry, as non-citizen marriages are legally binding unions.

– In addition to providing Social Security numbers, the requirements for marrying in the United States are the same as for United States citizens and non-Americans.

– Passports are generally accepted as identification, but some local governments may ask you for certified copies of birth certificates.

– It is recommended that before the wedding, you consult the local county clerk or marriage official where you want to get married to make sure you have all the necessary documentation so that your marriage is also recognized in your country of origin.

-In fact, each state has its laws and requirements regarding marriage including age, waiting periods, same-sex marriage, blood tests and marriage between cousins ​​among others.