How to affiliate accounts to make a transfer in Banfab Online

If you already joined the banfanb online and you want to make a transfer, the process is very easy but to help you, below you will see the step by step and you will realize that it is much simpler than you expected:

How to transfer on banfanb online

Follow these steps if you have already joined the banfanb online and you want to make a transfer, it is only 4 steps:

  1. Enter the bank’s official site.
  2. Fill in the corresponding field with your information, the TDD number and the password.
  3. In the left corner choose Special Services and a list will be displayed in which you will click on Affiliations.
  4. Next you will have to answer the security questions, after answering them click on Include.
  5. Once you have followed these steps remember that you will finish the process by clicking OK.

Keep in mind that if you have difficulties with your account number, you have forgotten it or it persists, the only way to recover your Banfanb account number is to go to one of the agencies in your area and one of the account executives will be able to help you. .

Banfanb online banking

Banfanb online banking allows you to use your mobile BanFanb, for which you must join in this way:

  1. From your browser go to the bank’s official site
  2. On the main page go to the lower left and you will find the option to access Banfanb online for companies or individuals.
  3. The site will redirect you to the next page so that you can join by choosing Join and you will begin the membership process.
  4. On the next screen you will enter your debit card number and the ATM password so that you can continue with the process.
  5. You will see a screen that will be displayed to complete the lines with the corresponding data and after having finished press Continue.
  6. Then another screen will be displayed with all your data and you will see to read the terms and conditions of use of banfanb online, read it and press if you agree to Accept.
  7. At the end of the process you will receive an email confirming your affiliation.

What to do in banfanb online

In online banfanb you can perform various banking operations such as:

  1. Make inquiries about the balance and movements of bank accounts.
  2. Know the balance and movements of the bank’s credit cards.
  3. Make transfers from your banfanb account and also from other banks.
  4. Make the payment of the bank’s credit cards and those of other banks.

In short, with the banfanb mobile application, the banking institution enables you to carry out various banking operations including the transfer between accounts of third parties or of the same owner, in addition to many other operations.

Mobile payment banfanb online

1.By joining the banfanb mobile payment you can have access to your credit cards and your accounts anywhere and at any time.

  1. You only need a mobile phone with an internet connection and when you connect you will be able to make inquiries about the balance and movement of credit or debit accounts and money transfers between the same bank or third-party bank as long as you have affiliated with banfanb online.

Banfanb online banking checking current account balance

If you need to do a checking account balance of banfanb online banking, it is very easy! ” just follow this step by step to make the query by SMS:

  1. With your mobile phone, send an SMS to 78900.
  2. In the message field to know the balance of your checking account, write Fanbcc and then write your ID and the last 4 digits of the TDD, for example: Fannbcc 01112345 1234.
  3. However, depending on the query you want, you will enter a different message, because if you want to make another query that is not for your current balance, for example:
  4. If you need to know the balance of your savings account, also send an SMS to the number 78900 but write in the message field Fanbca and the number of your ID with the last 4 digits of the TDD.
  5. If you need to make a query for the food voucher, send an SMS to the same number 78900 but in the message field write Fanbba, the number of your ID and the last four digits of the TDA or TDD.
  6. Definitely as a Banfanb client you get benefits for your more agile operations because you can make payments through an SMS.
  7. To request the service, you only have to go to one of the agencies with your identity card, then indicate your name, the number of operations you estimate to carry out and the maximum amount of money you want to enable.
  8. You should also know that it is an SMS service that does not require you to have a smart mobile phone or use internet data.
  9. They are operations that are carried out automatically with encrypted data so that transactions can be carried out between clients of the same bank or of other banks.
  10. To activate the SMS transfer service, for Digitel and Movistar the number is 326200 and for Movilnet it is 78900.
  11. You need to present your identity card as the holder, the recipient’s phone number, recipient’s identity card, the recipient’s bank code and the amount of money you want to transfer including at the end of the value the two cents without comma or periods.
  12. To affiliate accounts and transfer by SMS to the same bank or to others, you must present the laminated identity card at a national agency, complete the service application and provide the phone number you want to affiliate.
  13. However, remember that for the transfer to be effective, you as the issuer and the recipient must have joined the P2P bank system.
  14. In this way, as it is a mobile payment system, it helps you to facilitate the transfer of money without resorting to an ATM and you do not need to download an application because you are a banfanb customer, because just by sending an SMS you will already be transferring money to make your payment while you are already affiliated as the only essential requirement, which makes money transactions between the same bank and others easier.

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