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How to advertise on social media

As a marketing strategy, social media advertising It’s critical if you have an accurate understanding of how the ads work, which is fairly easy to understand.

Well, it is nothing more than a content promoted in user accounts, but …

How to advertise on social networks

There are many types of social media advertising, since it depends on the partner network in question, so it can be a tweet on Twitter or an ad on Facebook, as each partner network offers you different advertising options.


With Facebook Ads you can carry out a campaign, but first of all determine if this advertising is necessary, because it may be that until now you have been selling organically and you think you need to increase sales to get more income and for this an advertising campaign in Facebook is the best for your business.

  1. Plan your objective, that is, you must define how far you want to go with the ad campaign, what is your main objective, what percentage of sales you want to increase with advertising and set a budget to invest and respect it.
  2. Create a landing page or landing page.
  3. Configure Facebook Ads, because to create your campaign you will create your ad defining the results you want to achieve.
  4. Configure the images of your ad, using images that you used previously or uploading other images
  5. Determine the text of your ad with a good headline, since the title is as important as the content and the image and remember to add a call to action or call to action.
  6. You need to define your audience. If you already have a blog, you can base yourself on the data that Google Analytics gives you, since the demographic segment you choose, interests and connections will depend on it, since you can seek to attract new customers or users who visit your page and then configure the language and finally give your campaign a name.
  7. Remember the importance of analyzing how your campaign impacts using metrics to know the traffic, the users that come to your page from a campaign, how many users your campaign drove to buy your product and establish the conversion percentage with the clicks that reach the landing pay and then divide that value by the purchases.
  8. Define the date of the campaign and your budget, you can choose a budget per day with the value you want or a budget per week to test which one gives you the best result.

If you don’t have a big budget, try a few days.

  1. Define the method, that is, if you will pay for impressions or for clicks.
  2. Finally, you must wait until Facebook approves your campaign, which depending on the time of day can be faster or slower.

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How to advertise on social media

Consumers are on social networks and interact daily, making their tastes known and deciding their purchases, then:

  1. Define your objectives, with time define your strategy in social networks.
  2. Work with the content of the advertising and develop it according to your objective.
  3. Understand that the consumer is not limited to one social network and does not act in the same way in all of them. Each social network is unique, you must identify the social networks that best suit the sale of your product and enhance the use of those platforms.
  4. Remember to include cal to action in your content.
  5. Once you design your social media advertising strategy, be consistent and patient throughout an important period.
  6. Include in your budget the one corresponding to a community manager, since they are the ideal person to handle social networks and will be able to spread your message efficiently.
  7. However, regardless of the investment you plan for advertising, evaluate the result

Advertising cost on social networks

The cost of the social media advertising It is defined according to your budget and the size of the advertising, as there is no fixed cost for you to do a good publicity, since you must always evaluate the result, a large volume of money invested does not ensure greater profitability.

Social media advertising examples

As examples of high-impact social media advertisements, Dove is a clear example of the emotional impact transmitted by beauty products that appeal to the vision of women who are concerned about their physical appearance, since hair is a main element of beauty. female. Dove’s advertising campaign was a resounding success, having been shared on Facebook 600,000 times in 10 days.

Another clear example is Oreo with its Twitter advertising that, taking advantage of a power outage during the SuperBowl, applied ingenuity by writing No problem with a power outage, wetting in the dark is possible.

It was a funny tweet that got retweets in the amount of 16 thousand and was shared on Facebook 20 thousand times.

Groupon started a challenge with their coupons. In the experience with a mobile phone and a computer, coupons were exchanged for plane tickets, perfumery products, clothes, hotels and food.

At the end of the challenge, who won a prize of $ 100,000 was Josh, who followed the challenge instructions by posting on Facebook, posting on Twitter and writing a blog, while traveling the world with the only use of Groupon coupons.

In short, Groupon started a successful campaign, getting Josh to get a large number of fans, who helped him meet the challenge and continued his adventure.

Old Spice bet on You Tube. In this case, it oriented its campaign with a protagonist and videos that encouraged women to have the same smell as men. The videos were a great success, so that the protagonist received job offers thanks to the Old Spice advertising campaign.

Starbucks is a leader in digital marketing. In the United States, it took advantage of Twitter for its tweet a coffee campaign, from which with Twitter it is possible to give a coffee to your friend. The idea was to tweet “@tweetacoffee + the friend’s name and then the friend adds the coffee to the Starbucks account or prints a coupon to take it to a Starbucks.

Thanks to this advertising campaign, it increased sales and obtained 54,000 new Twitter followers.