How to add or remove trusted computers from google account

If you wish remove google devicesYou can do it, because if at first you did not want to add the verification code or use the security key when you accessed your account and now you regretted it and want to go back, do it …

How to do to remove devices from google

You have already added them and therefore you know how to do it, but now you want remove google devices, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Start by accessing your account.

Step 2: Go to access and security.

Step 3: Once you have entered access and security, choose access to google.

Step 4: In access to google choose verification in two steps.

Step 5: Now you must go to trusted devices.

Step 6: On trusted devices choose to revoke all.

Add trusted computers

Entering your username along with your password every time you want to enter your account tires you, because even though you have marked not to ask again, your computer keeps asking you.

Why does this happen? It usually has to do with the fact that Firefox or Chrome cookies are not enabled or perhaps without realizing it, your browser is configured to delete cookies every certain period of time and it does so automatically.

So if you have this problem, follow these steps:

Step 1: Look for the configuration of your browser to modify it, for example telling it to save cookies or adding [*.] for cookies belonging to google accounts.

Step 2: Go to incognito browsing and uncheck the box.

Step 3: Search do not ask again on this computer and check this box. Do it in all the browsers of the computers that you are using, as it is possible that you use different browsers, then you must make sure that the box is checked in all the computers and browsers that you use, that is to say that the configuration of the cookies you must modify them in all the browsers.

Remove Android devices from Google account

Yes you want it remove google devices you could just take that device and boot it with another account and then just wait for it to be removed.

However, google has made available an official tool for you to meet your goal, which is very important in the event that your mobile has been stolen or lost.

Well, when you delete an Android device from the google account, you delete the account on that device, unlink the account and therefore if it was stolen, they will not be able to access your Gmail email, you will not be able to make purchases from the Google Play because they will not be able to access and will not access the google applications associated with that account.

Unlink Google account from your devices

So to unlink google account from your devices:

Step 1: You must access the google devices page.

Step 2: Then go to Activity.

Step 3. In activity choose the Android device you want to delete.

Step 4: You will see a red button to withdraw access or delete, press it.

With this google tool you have the possibility to detect when and which devices have accessed your google account.

Therefore, when detecting that a device entered your account and does not belong to you, you can delete it with the method you have read.

However, if you detect a PC, you can only solve the problem by changing your account password, because there is no other way that prevents the suspicious PC from having access to your account and of course to any google application.

Therefore, although Google usually warns you about a suspicious device or PC that accessed your account from a remote place, the safest thing is that every certain period of time you check that nobody is using your account through a mobile device or from a PC that does not belong to you.

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