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How to achieve trust with your virtual store

One of the biggest challenges when we talk about Internet business is selling online, and I’m not talking about having a Facebook site, selling on sites like MercadoLibre or Ebay, on Internet classifieds sites or any other intermediary but having our own store virtual where we can sell our products at no extra cost to us, pay percentages and above all where we have total control over the appearance of our sales site, with our image, colors, logos and everything that relates our site to our own brand personal, achieving the confidence that our clients approach, observe what we want to show them, in the format we want and with the prices that only we in certain media can offer them is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges, and not the fact of doing or create our virtual store, for that there are already plenty of free tools that you can find for different platforms but the l ensure that your visitor or customer buys in your store, and above all that they return.How to achieve trust with your virtual store

Setting up a virtual store can be a relatively simple task especially when we have many tools that do the hard work for us and the only task we will have to do is update our catalog, our photographs and especially our prices, for that I will give you some small tips from an online buyer to inspire confidence in your customers and they will buy your products on the Internet again.

Advantages of our Virtual store

There are many advantages when having our own virtual store and not depending on other platforms to sell our products on the Internet, one of the main ones is the complete domain that we can have over our store since we can handle the payment methods that we want, the shipping methods, the amount of information about the product that we want to give to our clients, the number of photographs in the size and quality that we want no matter how many, show the product in the way we want, and above all manage prices our whim since we do not have to pay commissions to third parties when it is not necessary.

Another advantage is that we have our space where customers see only our products and not those of the competition, when we sell in places where there are more buyers we will always have to fight against them, match or improve prices, obtain the same reputation since The most experienced sellers and with the highest number of sales are priority in this class of sites, leaving new sellers at a disadvantage, so as not to have to deal with that we have the option of having our own store where the only thing that our client will have to compare is brands and not thousands of sellers.

An advantage that I find quite interesting and that I know first-hand as a frequent buyer on the Internet is that in your own site you can offer special promotions to your frequent customers, which in other sites that act as intermediaries cannot be done, there are Internet shopping sites that give points per purchase, for publishing good reviews about a product or the shopping experience itself, the latter is extremely important since the experiences of other customers give us the confidence to make the purchase, the First time shopping on the Internet, I did a lot of research since there were many sites on the Internet to choose from, and what pushed me to buy in certain places were the experiences of other customers, the testimonies shared about the treatment, responsibility, seriousness, the sent and the product, rewarding those who speak well of us will make them do it for a profit and that will benefit us to create a good reputation for us.

Payment and shipping methods

This point is the Achilles heel of an Internet sales site, since it is its greatest weakness to give personal data, our credit or debit card, or the simple fact of depositing money to an entity that I do not know and from which I have no certainty of how it works is the biggest fear for the client on the Internet, what I have always recommended when setting up a virtual store is to put aside those payment methods when the site starts, you must select a platform that you Allow what you buy online to be reserved and collected later, be delivered in person by you and charged at the time the product is received, handling these two options can define your success in the first months or years of your virtual store, the first thing you must achieve is to create a brand, then create a store and most importantly create a reputation, once your store is known you can incorporate the payment methods you want as well as the shipping methods, do not think that you can arrive as a stranger and sell online asking for debit or credit card information, or asking people to blindly deposit into a bank account, doing it this way is the worst mistake and it is what makes a virtual store never take off, think as a buyer because if you reflect on it is something that you would not do yourself, you always have to think as a buyer, how to handle sales when they are local, whether you deliver products or Delivering to your store will be your task, there are some ways it is just a matter of thinking a little and avoiding wasting time and above all money.

By following these tips, your virtual store will not only create a presence but will seriously sell the work of The entrepreneurs is to think and innovate, think how you can do it and you will have good results, greetings and success in your projects.