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How to access walgreens pharmacy discounts in Spanish

If you need to buy a medicine, learn about walgreen in spanish It is important for you so that you can get discounts, do you know what you should buy? And how many points you can redeem? Well, all of this is very important when you need to buy a medicine.

For this reason, below you will find everything you are looking for and need to know to benefit from discounts with information in Spanish:

How to save at walgreen pharmacies in Spanish

If you want to save on the price of the drugs your doctor prescribes, in pharmacies walgreen in spanish it is very easy if you use a RX coupon from Rx Saver.

When you use an RX coupon provided by Rx Saver, you get immediate savings on your prescription by going to a Walgreens pharmacy closest to your home.

  1. Login to
  2. Then fill in the fields with the requested information: the name of the drug of your medication, the zip code, then choose the distance and click Save.
  3. You can also download the Rx Saver application by going to
  4. You will use the application to obtain savings of up to 80% on your prescription for your medication and you will also be able to obtain discount coupons and even make a comparison of the prices of the medication in pharmacies near your home.
  5. You can also apply for free the Easy Drug Card, which is a discount card for the purchase of medicines, that is, it has a similar operation to discount coupons that benefits you as a cardholder, whether you are an insured cardholder or not. insured.
  6. Well, once you have the Easy Drug Card with you, you present it to the pharmacist when you make the purchase and that’s it, you get your price discount.

Entering You can request that the card be emailed to you.

But if you prefer, you can request sending by text by entering your phone number and then clicking on Send text.

In this case, you will have to download and print the medication card, take it to your pharmacy and you will save on your prescriptions.

What should I buy at Walgreens?

You want to know What should I buy at Walgreens?, because the amount of products you can buy are of all kinds according to your needs:

1.You can buy skin cosmetics, lipsticks, face creams, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, concealer, from brands like Mabelline, Cover Girl, NYX, L’Oreal Paría, Wet in Wild, etc.

  1. You can also buy contact lenses, personal care products, products for babies, children and toys, nutrition and fitness products, organic and natural products, household products, medicines, perfumes, oral care products, etc.

How many points can I redeem at Walgreens?

  1. You want to know How many points can I redeem at Walgreens? Well, Walgreens Behance Rewards Program is a points program that has been operating since September 2012, through which it offers you a card that you can obtain online at the store’s website.
  2. Once you have your card, you get special prices at the Walgreens store, you earn Walgreens points when you buy selected products.
  3. They are the products that offer points, but keep in mind that these products change every week and there are even monthly offers.
  4. But … how do you pay with points? When making a purchase you can use the points or continue accumulating them and then make your purchase.
  5. Well, if you accumulated 1000 points they are equivalent to $ 1.00 until you get to accumulate 18000 points, then they will have a value of $ 20.00.
  6. If you accumulate 5000 points they are equal to $ 5. Anyway, it is not convenient for you not to use your points because it is not a way for you to earn more.
  7. So that you can have a complete vision of what your accumulated points are equivalent, you can be guided by this information:
  8. When you accumulate 1000 points it is equivalent to $ 1.00, if you accumulated 2000 points it is equivalent to $ 2.00; If you accumulated 3000 points, they are equal to $ 3.00; If you accumulate 5000 points, they are equal to $ 5.00; If you accumulate 10,000 points, they are equal to $ 10.00; If you have accumulated 18,000 points, they are equal to $ 20.00; If you accumulated 30,000 points, they are equal to $ 35.00 and if you accumulated 40,000 points they equal $ 50.00.

Walgreen in Spanish and Register Rewards

  1. Register Rewards work like Catalina coupons printed on the Catalina machine that you use after you purchase some of the qualifying products.
  2. They are machines that you can see next to the cash register. In short, they are manufacturer coupons and that you will use only at Walgreens, as they are intended to encourage the purchase of certain products from those manufacturers.
  3. They are coupons that are valid for 2 weeks from their issue date.
  4. They have the advantage of using a Register Rewards for one product to purchase another product.
  5. For example, suppose that product A has a price of $ 3 and offers a Register Reward of the same value while product B has a price of $ 3 and offers a Register Reward, because in this case you use those of product A to buy product B and the expiration date is extended.
  6. With Register Reward you must buy what each one of them tells you, as it will tell you which company is, because if you have several of the same but with different amounts it is possible to roll them together.
  7. Register Rewards are coupons, so it is not possible to use more amount in a transaction than the products you choose, that is, in the case of buying 3 products you will use 3 coupons.

However, you can use a Register Rewards by combining it with a Walgreens coupon.

What is walgreens pharmacy en espanol?

Walgreens pharmacy in spanish It is part of the Alliance Rx Walgreens Prime category that integrates the home delivery pharmacy and the specialty pharmacy.

  1. You and your family can participate in the Alliance Rx Walgreens Prime if you have an insurance plan included in the program, which you can find out by contacting your insurance company.
  2. In this case, you will benefit from saving copayments for the medications your doctor prescribes,
  3. You will even have access to advice from a pharmacist every day of the year at any time.
  4. The specialized pharmacy offers you complete care with a variety of therapies, services and medications for the treatment of your condition.