How much to charge for glass cleaning in height

If you are thinking of offering services Cleaning glass in heightAlthough it is an adventure, it can become a good business, if you follow the suggestions that you will read below and you will obtain benefits in addition to knowing how much you can charge.

Tips for cleaning glass at height

The Cleaning glass in height, it is that you are offering a risk service type, but it also means that like any other job you must comply with what you offer and respect your clients:

  1. Above all, never be late for work, respect the schedule that you have agreed with your client.
  2. Set a schedule and stick to it, as clients don’t want to ask you where you are, or contact you to find out if you are arriving at your workplace.
  3. Accurately estimate work time and set a flat rate.
  4. Try to get a written contract with your client for a regular monthly, weekly, or quarterly service.
  5. While it is best if you can make a written contract, keep in mind that many clients are more comfortable with a verbal contract and that is why it is the most common thing you can expect.
  1. When it comes to pricing, you can keep it low by offering regular service and ensuring that you will repeat the work.
  1. The frequency of building glass cleaning may vary from twice a month, every three months, twice a year or annually, depending on the location, need and the budget of your clients.
  1. To negotiate a repeat service contract, ask the customer for their perspective on how often they will need to clean the windows.
  1. Then consider a 10-30% discount when accepting a repeating regular opponent.
  1. But remember to keep the initial cleaning at a non-discounted price so that no one takes advantage of the discount and won’t call you back later.

Pricing suggestions:

Although you are free to set the price that you consider convenient, the hourly rate is estimated to be between $ 24 and $ 55.

To that value you must add a minimum suggested cost per trip of 45 dollars.

Anyway, you should consider that in a initial cleaning you can find the glasses too dirty and therefore you can increase the rate.

Keep in mind that when offering your services, your appearance is very important, for this reason keep your clothes clean every time you show up to offer your services and once you are hired,

When it comes to large glass, it will take more than an hour to clean the inside and outside of 1000 feet.

However, if the glass is very dirty and greasy, it may take two or three cleanings to get a good result.

The glass in height that cannot be cleaned from the ground has a charge of between 10 and 20% of the cost.


The tucker system You can use it when it is four or five floors, but it is not easy to control and it will take time to set up and disassemble it, so it is convenient that you use a rope from the top of the Tucker to secure it and control the upper limits.

If the building is less than three stories tall, use a Tucker pole or ladder for best results.

Cost calculation:

To calculate the cost, determine the amount of glass for each floor and if it is the same on each floor, multiply it by the number of floors and you will determine the cleaning time.

Add between 10 and 15% and multiply that amount by your hourly rate and you will determine the cost of the job.

It is also a good idea to carefully inspect the glass before you begin cleaning to avoid claims of existing scratches, glass defects, or other damages that you could be blamed for.

Average incomeKeep in mind that men make up the majority of window cleaners in the United States and the median total income is $ 40 an hour.

How to clean glass at height

How to clean tall glass: Today window washing is part of the regular maintenance of a building. Most of the windows are washed twice a year With the exception of those of the entrances to the ground level and those of the lobby that is done much more frequently. But almost all the work is done manually despite the fact that it is experimenting with robots of automatic cleaning.

Cleaning by hand is carried out with suction cups that are vacuum fed as if they were guides that are attached to the building.

However access to the sides of a tall building or skyscraper is important not only for window washing but also for metal cleaning.When dealing with a straight-sided building, access is usually provided by a mechanism. platform that is anchored in the span and has the ability to move up or down with ease.

Window cleaning equipment:

Since the window cleaner you work at great heights, there are a number of tools and equipment that you must carry to work in buildings.

Typical equipment to consider is a rope guard, lanyard, rope grab tool, lowering mechanism, lanyard, and suction cups.

These tools not only protect you from incidents you may have as a worker, but they also help you clean at a faster and more efficient speed.

While you work you attach yourself to an anchor that is mounted on the roof, as this anchor ensures that you can clean the windows when you descend vertically. Anyway today there are different ways to clean windows based on certain requirements.

The type of work mechanism depends on how you will carry out the work, since the most common mechanisms are the bosun chair, the barrier, cart and the portable davit.

Bosun’s chair:

The bosun chair is the modern invention designed for a single washer so that you can access the narrowest areas of the building while safely staying in a comfortable position, therefore it is suitable for cleaning at heights for a long time.


The boom is older, it is a scaffold with multiple washers and therefore allows group work, but it is a permanent system that is fixed on the roof of the building to be used when necessary.


It is a car that is increasingly used. It mounts on top of a roof rail and allows you to move from left to right on the building facade.

As the boom not only has multiple washers but it gives you an advantage in terms of movement.

Portable davit:

The portable davit is the cheapest mechanism of all the options and also allows you access to multiple areas of the building facade.

Skyscraper cleaning:

Think that if you are hired to clean the windows of a skyscraper it will be a challenge because on a windy day, the wind flows at high speed, which makes it essential that you bring a good cleaning kit to protect yourself against the wind.

There is even the irrigation of certain insects that are usually found at high altitudes that will irritate you, therefore it is one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs and it all comes down to that after your work, the next day the majestic buildings and tall buildings look flawless with their windows gleaming in the sun.

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