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How much to charge for cleaning extractors and kitchen hoods

All commercial establishments with kitchens in the United States require by law the kitchen extractor cleaning. Therefore, hospitals, hotels, cafeterias and any food service place are included in the law because they have ducts over the stove that extract smoke or steam, as these gases leave a different type of fat residue inside the stove. conduit.

Why is it mandatory to clean kitchen extractors?

The kitchen extractor cleaning It is mandatory in all states of the United States because, for example, in general the stove of a restaurant tends to leave a type of heavy black grease, while Chinese cuisine deposits a gummy or sticky grease and in the case of a wood stove that in use leaves ash residue that accumulates in the chute and even dishwashers accumulate deposits of lint.

Therefore, it is necessary and mandatory to carry out a cleaning because the accumulation of heavy grease can generate a fire.

In fact, when the stove is turned on, the fire comes into contact with the filters that are on top of the stove and in the hood, then the filters light up because the extraction fan is on, drawing the air out of the hood and through the filters moving up the duct.

If there is a grease residue inside the duct, it can act as fuel and the grease then travels through the duct to the fan.

For this reason, restaurants are required by the health department to regularly clean the grease extractors that are also known as erxhaust Hood, kitchen or stove or range hook, in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and possible fires due to excess fat, which should be done every month, three months or six months, depending on the size and volume of the kitchen.

The teams:

All this means a good opportunity to start a business of this type of cleaning. For which there are specialized and new equipment, but at first, to reduce costs, you can resort to used and in good condition or simply perform manual cleaning until the business begins to operate and you can acquire a good equipment.


The frequency of cleaning when it comes to a restaurant will depend on watt factors, since if it is a restaurant that opens its doors 24 hours a day, it will need frequent service and even restaurants that cook fried foods also need cleaning with more more often than others.

NFPA standards:

The National Fire Protection Association sets the national standards for the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment, in conjunction with exhaust systems.

Therefore, keep in mind that it indicates that this type of service that you offer must be performed according to the guidelines required by NFPA96.

Average price of kitchen extractor cleaning

The price of the kitchen extractor cleaning It depends on various factors such as the type and size of the extractor and how difficult it is to access.

But the average cost of commercial hood cleaning with two helpers is $ 103.90 per hour.

In the case of cleaning a residential kitchen hood, you can charge a fixed fee of $ 325, since there is a range of between $ 250 and $ 400.

However, another factor is the geographical location, that is, where your client is located, which may be a restaurant.

In this case, the average cleaning price is $ 100 per hour and with two assistants, but when it comes to New York, the average cost is $ 150 per hour, because you also have to think about the time it takes. Do this type of cleaning, since it will usually take between 3 and 4 hours.

However, if the restaurant system was not properly maintained or cared for, you can consider a higher rate, since it will take you more tender to finish the cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Cost:

Commercial kitchen cleaning services charge by the hour with rates between 50 and 150 per hour depending on the number of employees helping you with the cleaning.

For example, a two-person cleaning crew has an average cost of $ 50 an hour with several hours to finish the job.

In the case that you need a team of 5 people, the average price is 150 dollars per hour, but the work will be completed much faster.

Therefore the standard cleaning fee is between $ 20 and $ 35 for each person who helps you and per hour.

You should even think about an additional charge for heavy duty tasks like degreasing the hood, so remember to provide a complete list of the services you will provide before submitting your quote.

Therefore, based on your research, you must first determine your hourly rate, based on the cost of labor, including the hourly wage of your employees, and then you will calculate the level of benefit.

For additional exhaust fans, you can add $ 50- $ 75 for each additional.

In the case of cleaning filters, you can add $ 5 for each one.

In the event that the business has received a summons from the Department of Health and requires your services, you can budget an additional charge because it will be a forced cleaning.

You can also add an additional charge when the route of the ducts is complicated or very long and even if instead of flushing the system it needs to be scraped.

Tips for cleaning grease in the kitchen:

Before starting the cleaning, you should cover all the kitchen equipment with a protective plastic including the countertop. With the plastic sheet you will create a funnel to collect the wastewater.

The NFPA Standards indicate that you must clean with bare metal the entire hood system from the ceiling fan to the hood including deflector filters, exhaust fans, ducts, grease trays, the interior of the hood , access panels and hood plemums.

For this reason, when you present your budget, you must describe everything that you include in the price you agreed, do it in writing before starting the cleaning.

When you finish the cleaning, you must give your client a report with the details of the services you performed.