How much software engineers earn on average

The software engineers, are known in the United States as software engineerAlthough the profession of a systems engineer does not exist because it is a specialty that corresponds to electrical engineering and as a computer scientist you will not be considered an engineer either.

Inside of Informatics Engineering Systems computing technical engineering is the most popular, however systems engineering focuses not only on computing but on many other disciplines, being above other disciplines such as software engineering, control engineering or industrial engineering. since software engineering is not only dedicated to programming.

What is the salary of software engineers in the United States

The software engineers They do not receive a degree with this degree, but they need to prove their profession over several years while it remains active, since it is a profession that the United States regulates.

Well, computer science does not belong to engineering but to a degree, therefore Computer Engineers are titled as electrical engineer.

Although in the United States, not everyone earns the same, the average salary is between 6 thousand and 9 thousand per month without taxes for employees with less experience.

Requirements to work as software engineers in the United States

First of all you must have a visa.

If you plan to work independently as a freelancer offering your services to companies and individuals, you must have a Green Card, but of course you will not have a salary and you will not always have a job.

In order to be hired as a candidate for a job position presenting with your professional title, you must not only be good but also have experience.

Experience will determine your salary, but that experience must be more than 20 years.

As for what you can earn if you are good and have enough experience, the salary is higher and can reach 30 or 80 thousand dollars a year in the United States.

In the United States, you can be hired for software evaluation, database monitoring, and systems design.

Anyway, the salary you can earn also has to do with the size of the company where you work, since it is not the same as working in a start-up, as a freelancer or in a traditional company.

So in a traditional company, the salary averages in the 82 thousand dollars of course per year,

If you work for a start-up, the average salary can reach 93 thousand dollars a year.

Finally, if you decide to work freelance or independently, your salary can reach 64 thousand dollars a year, but of course considering that you will not have a continuous job, since working freelance you will not have a fixed salary, you will not earn the same every month and you can even several months go by without you being able to offer your services.

Anyway, the salary has to do not only with the company you work for but also with the state or city where the company is located, since in some states the average salary is between 89 and 137 thousand dollars per year, Well, if the company is installed in New York, the salary is usually 40% higher than other states.

Even if the company is installed in Silicon Valley, you will earn 16% more than in Mexico, since Silicon Valley is the place chosen as the location of large companies, Facebook, Google and Apple are examples of large companies installed in Silicon Valley and even startups. ups also have significant capital and therefore can afford to hire talented, experienced staff and pay a good salary.

For this reason when arriving from Mexico, it is important that the company recognize and endorse your experience and then it is best that you start working in a Silicon Valley company, since any of them are recognized, which is not difficult thanks to the technology that has entered Mexico and therefore the possibility of working in a Silicon Valley company is a great opportunity.

For example, in a company like Google, you could earn a salary of between 79 and 250 dollars per year, because in addition to a good salary, Google stands out for being a company for having a clear business idea, a good work environment without abandoning your private life.

In the event that you manage to work for Facebook, your salary would average between $ 85,000 and $ 193,000 a year. In the same way as on Google, on Facebook you will not have problems with food because it is free.

However, they are companies that create growth expectations for their employees but also demand the expected return from those who hire.

What tasks do software engineers do

  1. You will also dedicate yourself to developing, maintaining and operating software with modern techniques to create software.
  2. You will develop and design information systems that apply to multiple areas of medicine, science, research, banking, meteorology, traffic control, internet or business.
  3. You will control how a software project is developed by leading specialists in technical equipment and technologies.
  4. You will manage the software project covering the entire process to carry out its development.
  5. You will identify what an institution needs according to what the senior management defines and you will interact with the users of the institution in order to identify, classify, collect, specify and prioritize everything that the software requires.
  6. This way you make sure that there are no contradictions or ambiguities.
  7. You will create the architecture of the software, with each part that composes it, with the function of each component, the description of the construction of the software application.
  8. You will check that the software performs properly all the tasks indicated by its specifications, detecting if it can fail based on investigating what the errors are.
  9. To do this, you will test each of the software modules and then as a whole.
  10. You should review the information including user manuals, tests and diagrams, since you may have to make corrections, know how to use it, maintain it and detect that the processes are clearly explained so that they can be understood by any user.

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