How much money do you need to sell cupcakes?

cupcakesCupcakes are in fashion! People who have already dared to undertake in this area, they tell what was the initial capital invested.

In 2008, to launch Pastel Pink, Florencia Colimodio invested initially US $ 1,000, quickly recovered, to reserve the domain on the web, create and design the site, register the brand and buy supplies and raw materials.

As it does not have a premises, that lowers expenses. “We only sell online and reservations are taken by email. Thus, we bake especially for each client, we do not have stock and that allows us to offer a fresh product, without preservatives and created to order ”, he explains.

For their part, the owners of Les Croquants, in 2008 they invested $ 10,000. Until 2010 they only sold online, and it worked very well. But today they have a place. “This greatly changed the level of exposure and facilitated the treatment and loyalty of customers,” says Noelia Arata. Although he admits that “the process took time to be really profitable.”

The enterprising from Piece ok Cake They say that their company had an evolutionary process. “We started with a small investment and as the possibilities arose, we went reinvesting in machinery, materials and elements that allowed us to climb a step to offer better and more varied products, even a wider audience. For this reason, it is profitable, since it allows us to continue in this expansion process ”, says Cecilia Barra.

Step by Step

In order to start entrepreneurship, The first thing they did was to deepen their knowledge of these products, until they were able to produce them in the desired way.

The second step was to develop the brand image and identity. While designing their website, they decided to create a Facebook page, and forward them to their contacts and ask their friends to suggest them. “It was an ant job, every day looking to expand more, and it was great for us. We networked and grew a lot in a short time ”, concludes Carla Cabell.

A excellent business idea.

Cupcakes and cake pops are becoming increasingly important in the confectionery market. “It is a new way of conceiving pastry, no longer from a rigid place and with a neutral color palette, but from color and fun”, says Florencia Colimodio, co-founder of Rosa Pastel.

Cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and donuts originated in the United States. Its consolidation is related to the rise of design and artisan production that emerged in many articles on a world scale ”, says Colimodio.

Marcela Capo, teacher and nationally and internationally recognized pastry chef, says: “For nine years now I have seen cupcakes and pops decorated abroad. However, in Argentina they began to become widely known and commercialized approximately three years ago ”.

More and more people join to make and sell these fun sweets.

Carla Cabelli and Cecilia Barra in August 2009 inaugurated Piece of Cake. Barra confesses: “American patisserie has always been very attractive to us because of its versatility and the possibility it offers to open up to artistic and design creativity. Thus, we believe that these trends arise because they are a different way of eating cake. And what better way than to do it in the most fun way? “

Although, the events are the ones that leave the most profits in this type of ventures, cupcakes are also sold for a half or a dozen (twelve units are around $ 75). In addition, they can be delivered in boxes specially designed for gifts.

For their part, Noelia Arata and Gabriel Caligaris, owners of Les Croquants, have dedicated themselves since mid-2008 exclusively to making pastry in individual portions. Their specialty has always been the macaron, particularly because they developed their own recipe, with time, patience and many failed attempts, and because there was a very good reception from the public.

The key to success

There are more and more entrepreneurs dedicated to this area, therefore, a key in this business is to distinguish yourself from the rest. You must innovate to develop a product in a certain way exclusive, and that represents the aesthetics of the brand. Colimodio agrees that the best way to position itself in the market is “to offer something different, with identity, trust it and let consumption and testing do the rest.”

The cons of the business

The entrepreneurs They agree that the most difficult thing is to conceive and maintain end products that are of good quality. “Beyond the quality and the care with which things are made, it is not easy to make pastries that are fresh, delicious and beautiful. Above all, it is not easy to do it day after day and responding to customer demands. However, when it is achieved, the results are observed in the reaction of the clients and in the sustainability of the project ”, assures Caligaris.

Barra explains: “The pace of work can be exhausting, and sometimes the hours of the day are not enough for everything that needs to be done. A high level of detail and a lot of dedication are necessary in everything: from the preparation of the dough, the variety of fillings, the coverage, and let’s not forget the thematic and personalized decorations ”.

Now … all that remains is to enjoy these snacks! (And get a couple of accounts to see if this business is profitable)

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