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How much does it cost to import vehicles to Mexico from the United States

If you need information about the import of vehicles to MexicoYou must do so according to the import regulations that govern the United States and you must also comply with the laws of Mexico when importing cars.

How to import vehicles to Mexico

Then, the importation of vehicles to Mexico Going by US regulations and Mexican laws, you have the option of importing with an FM3 visa or simply and the best thing is to import.

According to Mexican law

  1. In Mexico, a law was passed stating that for the importation of a car, it must be exactly 10 years old, no more and no less.
  2. You qualify for the importation of a vehicle if the car you want to enter Mexico is safe and in excellent condition.
  3. If instead of a car for personal use you want to import a passenger vehicle, you can do so but if it has a capacity of no more than 15 passengers for transport.
  4. If the vehicle you want to import is a full-load pickup type, its weighing cannot exceed 7056 pounds.
  5. The identification number of the car to match one of the United States.

Mexican customs requirements to import a vehicle

  1. Sales receipt with a description of the brand, model, vehicle, value and name of the importer.
  2. The sales receipt must be issued by the dealer or manufacturer.
  3. Certificate of the document of origin.
  4. Import passport.
  5. Your passport and copies of it.
  6. Invoice that indicates your name and address with an age not exceeding 3 months.

Fees and taxes for importing a vehicle to Mexico

  1. When you arrive at the Mexican customs, you will have to pay the customs agent the import tax that averages between 50 and 300 Mexican pesos.
  2. You must pay the document validation fee.
  3. It may correspond that you pay the vehicle tax.
  4. The Mexican Value Added Tax.

Keep in mind that you need to have the United States export stamp and then wait 72 hours to import the vehicle to Mexico, since if you import it before 72 hours after receiving the import stamp you will have to pay a fine of 500 pesos.

How to import a car to Mexico

You already have an idea about the documentation you need, the taxes and fees that you will have to pay, now how will you manage to import your vehicle to Mexico after they have given you the import stamp and 72 hours have passed?

  1. You must arrive at the Santa Teresa port of entry.
  2. There you will look for the United States export lane.
  3. They will review all the documentation.
  4. If you only travel to Mexico you can obtain a temporary permit, unless you travel to Puerto Peñasco and Baja, the border area and you will obtain it at the border crossing. It is a permit that will expire after 6 months. But keep in mind that the car must be verified before you leave the country and before the date expires.
  5. Once you visit Mexico and want to return your car to the United States, you will not pay taxes, but if you made any repairs to the car, you must declare it and you will need a proof of origin so that you are exempt from taxes.

What cars can be imported into Mexico

Depending on the car what amounts depend on the rules, for example:

  1. Used cars from 8 to 9 years old and starting with 1 to 5 require the original invoice where you prove that you are the owner or the title, you also need to pass the pollution control inspection, Mexican certification, CURP and images of the car.
  2. If it is a new car between 2015 and 2016, you must have the invoice paid, images of the vehicle, the certificate of origin, Mexican identification and CURP.
  3. If you do not have a Mexican ID or CURP, you can hire a custom broker or marketing agency to import it and invoice it to you in Mexico and you will have all import obstacles covered.

American car legalization prices

Regarding the legalization of Mexican cars prices:

  1. Assuming you want to import a Toyota Corola 4DR, you will pay $ 3,364 VAT, $ 1,002 ISAN, $ 11.90 PREV, $ 3.23 CNT, and if you pay an agent to carry out the process for you, their fees average $ 453.51.

When importing the car, you will then obtain the local license plate and pay the taxes where you live that can exceed 9000 Mexican pesos.

2.If instead of a Toyota Corola 4DR you import a Honda Civic LX sedan, whose price is 6498, you will have to pay 510.20 of IGI, 793.65 of VAT, 20.75 dollars of DTA, 11.90 dollars of PREV, 3.23 dollars of CNT and if you hire one agency you will pay fees of $ 226.76.

Beyond prices, the new law indicates that vehicles are legalized only when they are exactly 10 years old, whose manufacture has been in countries of the NAFTAExcept for vans that have other options and restrictions, as the exact 10-year age applies to common automobiles.

The price for the legalization of a vehicle averages in the 15,000 Mexican pesos including the permit, the fee, and the service of the customs agent.

Then you will pay at the motor vehicle office the purchase and registration tax with a total value of 1000 pesos.

Finally you will pay the annual tax and insurance.

Remember that you need:

  1. The original title signed by the buyer.
  2. The certificate of origin of the car.
  3. Public service’s bill.
  4. CURP.
  5. Mexican voter card.
  6. Passport

If you prefer to hire a personalized broker, for the import of a vehicle from 2015 or 2016 they will charge you at least 8000 Mexican pesos.

But if the car is older, it will charge you about 4000 Mexican pesos.

All these values ​​are without taxes, that is to say, only for the services provided.

On the other hand, when it comes to importing new vehicles, importing them will take you between two or three weeks if you hire a broker, while if it is an older car it will delay importing between five and six weeks by hiring a broker.