How much does dental insurance cost

If you want to know the price of the dental insurance , there is no exact value, since there are variables that affect the cost, for example where you live, the type of plan and the needs of medical attention, are the variables that directly affect the price.

In fact, the insurance company can offer you an annual premium that will be different from what they could offer one of your neighbors. Anyway, below you will read the estimated price in California and Florida.

What is the average price of dental insurance in California

In California there are different dental insuranceTherefore, for you to find the most affordable plan, it will depend on the needs of individual coverage or your family.

The dental plans in California that are available offer you different benefits. For this reason, you need to understand the differences before choosing a plan.

Discount dental plans:

For example, discount dental plans offer you immediate coverage with unlimited services in a California dental network, which is based on a discounted rate program.

You can pay for a discount card through annual or monthly payments, then you take advantage of the services within a reduced price network, since the savings of these plans usually exceed the cost of the card, although you must read the terms of the plan, as it can stipulate that all discounted costs must be paid in advance.

Discount dental plans available in California include Patriot, Careington International, and Aetna Dental, but you should also know that discount plans are not a substitute for health insurance.


HMOs, sometimes called training plans provide a specific set of dental procedures for an individual or family at a reduced or no cost. You make an annual or monthly payment for membership in the HMO and then you have access to specified services, including Primecare and Dental Health Services.

Indemnity plans:

They are sometimes referred to as traditional dental insurance and generally provide dental freedom albeit with higher out-of-pocket payments. They include Encore or Transamerica and American National Nationwide.


Preferred Provider Organizations are dental networks that provide you with a list of approved dentists, who have contractually agreed to provide care at a reduced cost in exchange for greater access to patients and a streamlined reimbursement system.

As a PPO dental patient, you can choose your dentist from the approved list without specialist referrals. They include HumanaOne, Ameritas, Delta Dental, and Compbenefits.

What is the average price of dental insurance in Florida

If you want to find one dental insurance Affordable in Florida will depend on the city and county where you live, for that reason there are websites from which they can provide you with a free quote, since you only have to enter your zip code to receive the quote.

Well, each provider offers a different set of plans that are divided into five categories and that is why some providers offer a type of plan that others do not.

Each type of dental insurance plan covers a different set of services with a different type of payment plan. Therefore, understanding the differences between these plans will help you find the best coverage for your needs. The types of dental plans available in Florida are:

Individual and group plans, HMO dental plans, PPO dental plans, traditional indemnity dental plans, and vision plans.

You will find plans that offer you prevention, maintenance and access to affordable and quality oral health. As a member of the plan you will have access to free preventive dental care procedures, for example including preventive, restorative, diagnostic, X-ray and periodontal care. As a member, you can visit your main dentist who participates in these procedures as many times as necessary.

Simpler plans with small, non-deductible payments include a benefit program with procedures and costs that cover high noble metals and laboratory fees. As a member, you will only pay the copayment if there is one, directly at the dental office at the time the service is provided.

They can also offer you a full range of dental plan options through PPO partners, with additional benefits including scheduled plans, traditional indemnity, and individual plans.

In any case, sometimes insurance can be expensive, especially if you do not have access to insurance through your work, so a plan with low premiums is the best for a limited budget, but it will mean higher deductibles.

You should also consider whether your need for coverage is just for preventive care or you need major or orthodontic procedures.

For example, some plans will only cover the main dentist within the network, while others will allow you to visit any professional you want, so you must control the exact costs of each policy and in terms of deductible premiums, co-insurance co-payments and waiting periods,

For example, to give you an estimate, some companies may offer you the type of PPO plan with a maximum annual benefit of a thousand dollars per person, a 30% coinsurance, no annual out-of-pocket limit, a primary care of $ 19.70 per month, one dental cleaning with a $ 25 copay, extractions with a 30% coinsurance, X-rays with a $ 25 copay limited to 2 per calendar year.

While with the PPO Gold plan you have coverage in preventive, basic and major services with a reimbursement amount that increases every year, but you will not have coverage for major services during the first year.

You should also know that the Obamacare Act was developed to help people access affordable insurance through a health insurance marketplace through which you can purchase federal and subsidized health insurance.

To qualify you must register and you will be eligible if you had an event such as getting married, changing jobs, moving or getting married.

However, finding the right plan can be difficult because each plan has pros and cons, especially considering that costs can vary depending on deductibles, plan premiums, and provider networks.

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