How much does an office cleaning company charge per hour?

If you wonder how much to charge for the office cleaning by the hourIt may mean that you are thinking of opening your own business, for this reason understanding the price and the reason for it will help you evaluate the costs associated with providing this type of cleaning service.

How much to charge for hourly office cleaning in Miami

When you set the price of the office cleaning by the hour on MiamiCan you turn to competing companies, which will provide you with their rates if you request it?

However, think that like any other service, not only the work itself is taken into account but also the square meters that you must clean, for this reason when you present yourself as a representative of your company to a client you must make sure to collect all the details about what and how much you need to clean with a detailed list that supports the special cleaning that you are requested and can offer.

The cleaning contract:

When negotiating a cleaning contract be sure to include:

The frequency, that is, how many times you will clean.

The term, when the facilities will be cleaned.

The tasks to be carried out such as vacuuming, emptying the garbage, etc.

Cleaning products:

Specify if you have a specific demand regarding the types of cleaning products.

Supplies: Details who should provide and restock supplies such as napkins, toilet paper etc.

The costsAlthough the costs vary depending on the factors mentioned, the following costs are averaged:

For a small office of less than 1,200 to 2,000 square feet that includes vacuuming, emptying trash, and general cleaning averages between $ 25-40 an hour.

If the facility has two small bathrooms that require scrubbing floors, cleaning surfaces, cleaning the toilet, and replacing paper, the price averages between $ 40 and $ 65 an hour.

Larger offices of 2,100 square feet or more include a per-square-foot charge, with the charge being $ 0.50 per square foot for labor-intensive services such as floor washing and polishing, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming. , etc.

The price per square foot decreases as the size of the kitchen increases.

Office cleaning by the hour in Florida:

On Florida costs vary depending on the type of work and the frequency. However, many companies establish a flat fee for small jobs.

Emptying the trash and cleaning the lighting in a small office averages between $ 20 and $ 30 and increases depending on the size of the office, the number of bathrooms and the type of cleaning required.

An office with few employees may only need a basic service with one twice a week, which averages between $ 100 and $ 200 per month.

While the cost of picking up trash on a daily basis and simple vacuuming in a small business with a break room and conference room can average between $ 500 and $ 700 a month.

Larger jobs or jobs that require more specialized cleaning or more frequent service can be charged anywhere from 5 to 55 cents per square foot.

Special labor-intensive services such as floor waxing at 25 cents or 50 cents per square foot, carpet cleaning at $ 20-40 per hour, and microwave cleaning and cleaning are separately charged by most companies. Refrigerators at $ 10 and $ 35 per appliance. Generally, the larger the office, the lower the cost per square foot.

What is the price of office cleaning by night shift hours

Hourly office cleaning in New York:

In New York, as in any other state and city, the cost per hour depends on many factors such as the geographic location of the office, the size and the cleaning work required.

However, there is an average price range from which you can estimate how much to charge per hour. For example, the average hourly cleaning service is estimated at between $ 18 and $ 35.

In the case of a small office, the price per hour is reduced to between $ 21 and $ 30.

Anyway, the prices vary in case you do an ecological cleaning. A deep cleaning with green products averages around $ 35 an hour.

If you always perform office maintenance with ecological products, the hourly price averages at $ 28.25.

If you do a monthly cleaning with ecological products, the hourly price averages at $ 30.25.

Office cleaning by night shift hours:

The office cleaning by the hour Night shift, performed while the business is closed with daily tasks that include disposing of garbage, scrubbing common walkways, cleaning and dusting desks, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, and includes bathroom maintenance or supplies.

Additional tasks not performed on a daily basis may include cleaning carpets, upholstery, dusting ceilings, lighting fixtures, and general maintenance tasks such as replacing burned out light bulbs.

As a representative of the company, you should visit the office before quoting a price, since the conditions of the surfaces will determine the time it will take to clean them.

The main factors in estimating service cost are frequency, total square footage, and heavy traffic areas or unusual cleaning request.

While the price depends on several factors, a deep cleaning is estimated to be around $ 35 per hour.


Keep in mind that the cost of cleaning services is based on labor. So to create an hourly workload, start by thinking about the average salary of workers, including payroll taxes and other labor costs.

Then add an allowance for overhead, cleaning supplies, and profit.

For example, assuming the average salary is $ 15 an hour, you add another $ 15 for costs and you will get $ 30 an hour to apply as the price you should charge for your services.

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