How much does an English course cost in the best English schools?

It is very important that you know about the english schoolsWell, you have made the decision to start studying a language that will give you many benefits both in your personal and professional life, since learning a new language, especially when it comes to English, opens up many business opportunities.

But to benefit you must not only know where to study either in person or online, but you also need to know how much your studies will cost you.

So all this information you should take advantage of by reading below.

Where to find English schools in Mexico

In the same way that there are several and different english schools There are also different teaching methods, either the traditional one or those that teach you the language from conversation, as they help you to speak, which is the most difficult for any language student, for example:

  1. Quick learning it is a school that emphasizes conversation. In fact, it has as a slogan you speak or speak because its teaching method is conversational.

If you are just starting out learning English and therefore you will start from scratch and continue with 10 levels or more.

The first three levels are based on conversation and each has a 2-month extension.

From level 4 onwards it is based on learning grammar and comprehension of texts.

As for the price of the English course in Quick Learning, it depends on the number of hours and days as well as the number of students in the class.

For example, a class with a group of between 7 and 12 students from Monday to Friday has a monthly cost of $ 2,660 without the need for books or learning materials.

  1. Harmon Hall It is an English school with teachers who enter the school with a TOELF of 550 points. The modality is based on 6 levels divided into four courses giving a total of 24 with a duration of 4 weeks each.

Regarding the price, the group course has a monthly cost of $ 2449 from Monday to Friday and with a duration of 1.45 hours. Each of the levels requires materials with a cost of $ 530.

  1. Balloon It is a school that is not only known in Mexico but is recognized worldwide. Its teaching method is based on everyday life situations. Its teachers need to enter the institution a C1 level and pedagogical knowledge.

The course is carried out over 10 levels of 3 months each. As for the price it depends because they are personalized courses but it is between $ 2,843 and $ 10,700 per month and a cost for materials for a total value of $ 18,600.

  1. Interlingua is an English school that stands out for teaching the language in one year. With an immersive method, as a student you prepare yourself to be able to interact in everyday situations.

It has teachers with a TOELF 550 and knowledge of pedagogy.

The course is carried out in 18 levels whose duration is 3 weeks each.

As for the price, when it comes to the group course it is $ 2799 with material included from Monday to Friday with a duration of 80 minutes.

  1. Planet English offers individual classes and life memberships, so you can return to classes if you have questions or forget the language. Its teachers have a level of English from B2 to C. The duration of the course is one year with a cost of between $ 35,000 and $ 60,000 depending on the payment method.
  2. CELE are foreign language centers with teachers of a minimum level B2 and pedagogical knowledge. For example BUAP, IPN and UNAM offer courses and materials whose price is between $ 1500 and $ 4000 each course.

What are the best English schools in the United States?

First of all you should know about the English schools in the United StatesWell, when it comes to higher education, they are not subsidized by the federal government.

For this reason the price of tuition is high not only for foreigners but also for US citizens.

Well, although there are stipends and scholarships, they are awarded to low-income people and to students who have the best academic performance.

But there are also scholarships for international students, therefore you can study English for example in:

1.Connect English Language Institute Mission Valley in San Diego, United States that offers a general course for students from the age of 16 with a duration of between 1 and 24 weeks that includes 12 weekly classes. The price starts at $ 315. The program focuses on gaining the ability to speak, read, write and listen with intensive English.

  1. Connect English La Jolla in San DiegoThe United States offers a general type of course lasting between 1 and 52 weeks with 18 classes per week at a price starting at $ 390.

It also offers intensive English so that as a student you gain multiple skills focusing on personalized attention to writing, reading, listening and speaking.

  1. Connect English Language Institute San Diego campus Pacific Beach offers a general type d course lasting between 1 and 52 weeks with 18 classes per week for students from 16 years of age. Priced from $ 390.
  2. International Language Studies in Boston It offers a general type of course with a duration of between 1 and 52 weeks with 30 classes per week for students from 16 years old. Per course admits a maximum of 15 students.
  3. Language Studies International in San Diego offers a general type of course with a duration of between 1 and 4 weeks with 20 classes per week for students from 40 years old for a price from 820 dollars.

What are the English schools in Guadalajara

If you are looking English schools in Guadalajara you can be guided by the following:

  1. Instituto Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano de Jalisco AC where you can also study Spanish. As a non-profit institution it is a recognized school and is part of the North American Consulate.
  2. Quick Learning Guadalajara is considered one of the best. It offers courses for children, youth and adults.
  3. Proulex Language Center, offers specialized classes according to the age and level of each student.

Where to find English courses in the United States

The English courses in the United States you can find them in:

  1. ELS Language Center. It offers you Business English with ELS Business English for a competitive type of communication.
  2. La Verne associated with the University of La Verne offers different accommodation options in California, Intensive English, Semi-Intensive English, General English, Academic English, Business English, Junior English, Test and University Preparation.
  3. ELS Miami is located on the Barry University campus. Offers intensive, semi-intensive, and American explorer English to deepen understanding of the language with improved vocabulary and conversational skills.

What are the online English courses

In addition to face-to-face classes you can take advantage of online english courses What:

  1., offers the beginner-oriented introduction to English with Course A, but also offers the Intermediate, Higher and Advanced English course.
  2. specializes in small group courses via Skype with native speakers. They are 1 to 1 courses with general, professional and English for exams programs.

Where to find free online English courses

If you want to improve your vocabulary you can take a free online english course on:, offers a course of basic level, intermediate level, advanced level, business English and with vocabulary for the traveler with videos, chat, exercises, vocabulary, sayings, etc.

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