How much does an aviation pilot earn?

To know how much does an aviation pilot earn, requires taking into account many factors that affect their salary, because while a pilot can earn a certain low or medium amount per year, another pilot can earn a much higher salary, that is, the salary is highly variable among a group of pilots, despite the fact that all must meet the same requirements to be able to fly an airplane.

How much does an aviation pilot earn in the United States?

In the United States know how much does an aviation pilot earn It is not easy because the salary is governed in the same way as the military salary scale. In other words, it is variable depending on the amount of time the pilot has worked for the same airline, if he works for a major airline or a regional company the salary will be different

It also influences the value of the salary if it is a pilot captain or first officer.

In this way, an experienced pilot, with several years working for an airline company, will earn much more than a pilot who is just starting out and therefore has no experience.

Between the main airlines and the regional companies there is a lot of difference in the salary of a pilot. For example Cape Air, is a regional airline that hires pilots who as first officer can earn $ 11 an hour in the first year of hire.

Another regional airline such as Horizon Air, pays the first officer $ 31 an hour on the first flight, but the same job in airlines such as Alaska Airlines or Delta, the salary of the pilots is much higher, since the salary of a first Officer during his first year of work at Delta Airline averages at $ 86 per hour during the first year of work, while at Alaska Airlines it is $ 56 per hour.

In the case of a captain who works at Cape Air, the average salary during the first year of work is $ 57 an hour.

A captain with the Horizon airline earns $ 31 an hour during their first year on the job, while a first officer with this same airline earns $ 31 an hour.

At Alaska Airlines, a newly admitted first officer has an hourly wage of $ 56 with a minimum flight of 75 hours per month, therefore the company ensures a monthly income of $ 4,200, to which they must add the per diem, for therefore, it can reach $ 50,000 per year without taxes.

Well, an airline guarantees at least 50 hours per month, but others can guarantee 75 or 80 hours and therefore the salary will be higher.

However, due to the large number of variations by concepts, an inexperienced pilot can earn from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 per year, but a pilot who is appointed first officer and then becomes first officer of a regional airline and then flies planes From a relevant airline with 10 years of experience you can earn $ 100 or more.

At Skywest Airlines, a first officer earns $ 28,400 per year in the first year, while his salary increases to $ 48,800 per year in the fifth year.

Well, most pilots start working in regional airlines and then become part of one of the main airlines, since they are the important ones and the ones that pay the most.

Another example is United Airlines where a pilot earns 73,360 during the first year, then he will earn 1,10080 during the second year and from the second year his salary will vary according to the work team the pilot joined, but the truth is that upon arrival the fifth year he will not yet reach $ 131,500 while if he becomes first officer he will exceed $ 200,000 per year from the tenth.

The more the pilot works, the more he will earn, if the pilot rises to the category of senior captain of United Airlines he earns 264,100 dollars per year while a captain earns 213,100 dollars per year and they can still earn more per year if he works more and reaches over 350,000 Dollars.

How much does an aviation pilot earn in Mexico?

How much does an aviation pilot earn?? In Mexico, a pilot earns about 15,000 Mexican pesos as a monthly salary, but you should also know that a co-pilot earns 8,000 Mexican pesos flying in a private service, since most of them start working as co-pilot and then move up from the category to pilot.

In any case, if he works for a private service, the pilot charges by the hour, therefore his salary can be very variable and he also needs a commercial pilot license because if he only has a private pilot license, he will not be able to charge the hours for piloting an airplane .

It is even assumed that in Mexico the salary of a pilot increases year by year. However, many airlines agree with their pilots a salary without increase over a certain period of time, depending on not affecting operational costs, then the only thing that can rise in a pilot’s career is to have gone from co-pilot to pilot, which can take 5 years, as it depends on each airline.

How much does a military aviation pilot earn in the United States?

The army corps and the marines are officers and are part of the combat pilots and are also classified as superiors or lieutenants.

Based on this concept, military officers earn according to experience and rank. With an O-1 rank, a Marine Corps officer under two years of experience earns a monthly salary of $ 2,800 or $ 33,900 annually.

With an O-4 rank, a naval lieutenant commander with 10 years of service earns a monthly salary of $ 6,000 or $ 72,000 annually.

In Mexico

In Mexico, military pilots earn according to the basic military scale, so pilots whose rank is equivalent will earn the same salary.

How much does a commercial aviator pilot earn in Mexico?

In Mexico you start working as a flight engineer, then you will change category to first officer. In each category the salaries are different, since you will go from first officer to captain. While you work as first officer, you will earn about $ 1,500 a month with an extra payment for bonuses and travel expenses.

How much does an airline pilot charge?

Specifically, a pilot of a regional airline starts earning between $ 20 and $ 50 per hour, always depending on each airline, the experience of the pilot and the plane they fly.

In this sense, the pilot flies an average of 75 hours per month, considering actual flight hours and can also reach 150 hours, intuiting ground tasks such as pre-flight inspection, simulator training and record keeping.

If you fly a large plane, you can earn an average of $ 121,000 annually, and if you fly a small plane, you can earn $ 104,000.

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