How much does a nursing assistant make?

You can work as nursing assistant salary It will not be the one that you will not get rich with, but it is a profession that allows you to grow within the field of medicine.

If you are interested in the humanities, you will maintain contact with patients and beyond the salary, as a professional, you will develop in such a way that you will feel useful mitigating physical and emotional pain of patients, but if you want to know about the salary of an assistant nursing keep reading.

What is the average salary of a nursing assistant

To find out how much a person earns on average nursing assistant salary It is necessary to access the occupational perspective manual that corresponds to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the manual indicates that the average salary is $ 26,590 when it comes to a certified assistant and even their real salary is variable depending on several factors such as the experience, location and specialization of the assistant, for example:

Average Salary for a Nursing Assistant by Location

According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, the average salary of 10% of certified nursing assistants exceeds $ 36,170.

However, based on skills, the average annual salary starts at $ 17,951 annually. For example, if you have skills in the intensive care unit and you dare to do a stressful job caring for critically ill patients whose lives are in danger, you can enjoy an average salary in an average range of between 19,097 and 35,639 dollars, but your salary can Get to $ 37,000 if you work in an intensive care unit in Seattle.

Average salary of a nursing assistant according to specialization

Considering the average annual salary, a licensed and practiced professional earns an average of $ 44,090 annually, while the average annual salary of a registered professional is $ 68,450 and when it comes to a professional who is a physical therapist assistant earns an average of 55,610 annually. Dollars.

Demand for salary nursing assistant

Beyond the salary of a nursing assistant, it is also important that you know the demand for these professionals in terms of finding work according to your specialization.

So in this sense, when it comes to offering health care services, this demand is growing in the United States, which is why you will be able to find many job opportunities both in clinics and hospitals.

In fact, the population continues to grow and at the same time ages, which leads to the understanding that it is a profession that will be necessary in the long term, especially considering the shortage of this type of professionals in the United States.

It is even a professional career that allows you to grow, advance so that you have more job prospects with better salary.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that nursing assistants will find work in nursing homes, since many of them are funded by the government and even these homes as well as hospitals and care centers need these professionals throughout the year. day, which translates into the need for assistants on holidays, weekends and also at night.

Therefore, if you already have your degree, it is convenient that you indicate to your employer that you have time availability because it will help you when it comes to competing with other applicants who lack this time availability and therefore are looking for a job with a regular schedule.

Where to work as a nursing assistant

You already have an idea about the average salary you can earn once you finish your degree and how salaries compare according to specialization, so where do you have more options to employ according to the analysis carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statitics?

  1. In facilities dedicated to caring for the sick.
  2. In hospitals including those dedicated to general surgery.
  3. In the life centers for the elderly.
  4. In communities dedicated to the continuous care of the elderly.

Therefore, depending on where you are in your job, you can earn a lower or higher salary not only depending on the institution you work for but also its location. For example, if you work at an institution in Alaska, you can earn an average of $ 16.68 per hour.

If you work at an institution in New York or Connecticut, you will earn an average of $ 15 per hour

Anyway, to boost your career, further your nursing education by training yourself to become a licensed practical nurse aide and you will become a supervisor with more responsibility and earn a higher salary.

Well, if you want a higher salary you can train to obtain certification and you can work regular hours in a doctor’s office.

How much does a nursing assistant earn in the United States?

You should know that when you obtain your degree from anursing assistant salary You can set an hourly rate and provide basic care including bathing patients, moving and lifting disabled individuals, feeding, grooming, administering medications, and monitoring their health by checking their vital signs. For your services provided to patients, if you set an hourly rate, it will depend on your workplace.

At the national level, in the United States, according to the labor statistics office, the average hourly rate is $ 11.63, which can fluctuate between $ 9 and $ 17.00 per hour.

Depending on the industry, the hourly rate also varies, because if you work in development services or scientific research you can earn $ 17.75 per hour, if you work for state governments you can earn $ 14.00 per hour, while if you work in donation services you will earn an average of $ 14.18 per hour and if you work in the federal executive industry you will earn an average of $ 17.23 per hour.

Salary of nursing assistant in nursing homes

If you are a certified nursing assistant, your salary per year will average $ 11,638, but as it also depends on your specialization, if you specialize in the operating room your salary will be higher, because in this labor field the experience you acquire does not influence your salary, Since it is estimated that 20 years of experience is the maximum you can acquire in this professional career when it comes to being employed in nursing homes.

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