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How much does a cleaning company charge per hour

If you are thinking of establishing a hourly cleaning company, To determine the price to charge you will have to consider many factors that will make that price the one that is handled as an average in your area or a little higher.

In fact, first of all, consider the square footage of the house, because at less square feet the price will be lower compared to a mansion with more square feet.

Estimated price for a cleaning company per hour

If you hourly cleaning company offers professional services consider cleaning time per square foot. In this way you will be able to determine the time it will take to clean the house and the special attention you will devote to it, since it may require cleaning fragile items such as antiques and other care items.

But keep in mind that on average, cleaning a single-family house costs $ 130 while apartment cleaning averages $ 100, but if you offer your services to companies, you must pay an hourly cost of $ 150 .

However, the price may vary according to the frequency of the cleaning service, since it can offer discounts if you pay for your services in advance or sign a long-term service contract.

How to estimate the cost for a cleaning company per hour

There are many factors that alter the costs of a cleaning service, for example the number of bathrooms, rooms that you must clean and also the type of cleaning products that you must use, access to the rooms and the estimate of travel time until work place.

Visit the house and make a list of the rooms that you will clean and estimate the time it will take to clean them, because the more rooms the price will be more expensive.

According to the number of bedrooms:

However, you should also think that a very large house that only has two rooms to clean will not require as much work as a small house but with four bedrooms.

In turn, a single bedroom may have specific cleaning needs, as for example a bedroom with a dressing room requires that in addition to removing dust, you must also vacuum.

According to the living room:

Even in a living room a sideboard can have many photographs as decorations as well as souvenirs that will take more time to clean and all of this will influence the price you charge.

The bathrooms:

Bathrooms usually require a deep and special cleaning with specific cleaning products. For example, a toilet requires a specific cleaner that is not the same required for the shower.

In turn, the vanity and the sink require special types of cleaning products as the mirrors require other products and the shower doors require a certain one to remove stains and soap residues.

Of course, the bigger the bathroom, the more difficult it will be to clean it.

In fact, the main bathroom can include a bathtub, a shower, sinks, large mirrors, accessories for the showers and bathtub in addition to lighting and some of them will have metallic finishes that will influence the time and cost of cleaning products.

The tiles such as the sink, if they are made of marble, require special care because it is a porous material and easy to scratch.

Due to the difficulty of cleaning bathrooms an hourly cleaning company or many of them estimate $ 25 for each bathroom.

According to the presence of pets:

You should also consider other special factors such as the presence of pets, antiques in the house and the allergies of its inhabitants.

Your cleaning company should consider the tasks that you will perform within your hourly budget and those that you will need to add an extra charge.

For example, some customers may indicate their sensitivity to certain cleaning products, so when using ecological special products, which of course have a higher cost.

Pets: You should also know in advance if your client has pets, as a dog can cause a lot of disorder if he lives inside the house and you will also need to vacuum his hair during the time when they commonly lose them and spread throughout the house.

Hard-to-reach areas:

Hard-to-reach areas can be tall bins you need to clean, shelves, and windows. In this case, cleaning the house will have an additional cost associated with the difficulty of using a ladder to access those places that are difficult to access.

Many times a house with high ceilings will also have shelves and high windows, therefore you should take a ladder with you, with which you will consider an extra due to the safety risk, since it is important that the stairs are in good condition because otherwise they may hold you responsible for the injuries.

The service area:

In your budget you can add an extra for the travel fee if the house is outside the service area. The extra charge is variable because it is influenced by various factors such as remoteness.

However, you must remember that in addition to the additional costs, cleaning service companies charge around $ 25 to $ 35 an hour and many of them even require the signing of a contract.

In turn, as a reference price for cleaning the interior of the windows, it is between 20 and 70 dollars.

If you include the cleaning of the refrigerator, it is estimated at 30 dollars, that of the oven between 325 and 30 dollars.

Cost for deep cleaning:

Since it can offer typical hourly cleaning or deep cleaning, estimate average living room cleaning price to be $ 30, bedroom house deep cleaning is estimated at $ 30, living room cleaning as well averages in the 30 dollars,

If you need to remove odors and stains on furniture, estimate between 50 and 100 dollars.

If it is a common window cleaning the average price is $ 5.

As for the floors if they need to be waxed, it averages between $ 0.25 and $ 0.50 per square foot, but keep in mind that as a cleaning company, most propose a minimum according to the size of the house.