How much do cleaning maids charge per hour

The cost of cleaning employees per hour It depends on several factors, from which the rate is established, as it has to do, for example, with the size of the house and the location.

For this reason, in order to determine how much to charge, the employee needs to make a site visit to assess the space and the number of assistants she will need to perform office cleaning tasks.

What is the cost of cleaning employees per hour in houses

While the cost of cleaning employees per hour It depends on different factors, there is an average from which you can have an idea about how much to charge, if you dedicate yourself to cleaning houses.

For example, taking into account the size of the house in square feet, a 100-square-foot house averages between $ 15 and $ 25 an hour.

However, a typical house cleaning service takes between one and two hours, so the cost would be between $ 20 and $ 80, but the price of cleaning an apartment can be the same as that of a house if the The number of bathrooms and bedrooms is the same, since they are the environments that do the hardest task in a matter of time.

It is also important that you keep in mind that the price of the cleaning service varies according to the skills of the employee, years of experience, training, the rooms that must be cleaned and the supplies that will be used.

Also in the United States, the price per hour of house cleaning service is different according to each city, for example California, has the highest average price, since house cleaning companies charge up to an average of $ 37.60 per hour. While in Indianapolis, the average is lower, since it is around $ 20.73 an hour.

On New York, although it is one of the most expensive cities, in this case the cleaning service per hour is around 26.72 dollars, in Chicago, Illinois the hourly rate for a cleaning clerk is $ 20.99.

On Houston, Texas, the price averages at $ 29.41, while in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the average price is $ 30, in Phoenix, Arizona averages at $ 33.74.

On Columbus, Ohio, averages at $ 24.88 per hour and at Charlotte, North Carolina, a cleaning clerk can charge up to $ 27.17.

The experience:

The experience of the cleaning maid It influences the final price you will charge by the hour or by flat rate, since the rate will be determined by your years of work experience.

For example, a cleaning employee with up to 10 years of experience can earn an average of $ 18.96 per hour, but if her experience is within 11 and 15 years the price increases to $ 22.42 and if she has more than 15 years of experience. experience can charge up to $ 30.66.

Although years of experience is important and is a factor to be highlighted, when setting the hourly rate, house cleaning services charge an additional depending on the services they will provide.

For example, kitchen cleaning service is one of the most common and yet it has an average price of $ 18.16, while bathroom cleaning is a common service that has an average price of $ 19.19.

If dishwashing is provided, it is a service with an average cost of $ 18.82 and it is also possible to offer refrigerator cleaning, in which case the average cost is $ 19.37.

If the cleaning service includes laundry and ironing, an additional charge of $ 18.58 is possible and you should also take into account other less common services that you can offer such as:

Cabinet cleaning at an average price of $ 20.47, carpet cleaning in addition to being a rare service, is a special service that averages out at a cost of $ 19.81.

As a cleaning service you can offer to organize the attic at an average price of $ 20.03.

If the owners of the house have a pet and you must clean it, you can count an average price of $ 19.36.

If the house has a basement that you must clean, you can stipulate an average price of $ 20.31.

What is the price of office cleaning employees per hour

The cleaning employees per hour of offices also establish the price per square foot, for this you can apply different techniques such as stipulating 0.5 dollars per square foot.

However, you will have to visit the office and walk through the property calculating the time it will take to clean the office.

You will consider how many carpets are in the place, the number of desks, glass, bathrooms and on your estimate you can charge between 20 and 25 dollars per hour, so if you take two hours to clean the office you will charge between 40 and 50 dollars for your services.

Discount price:

Establish a discount price according to the frequency of your cleaning service, because the more frequently you will have fewer hours of work, then you can charge $ 75 for cleaning work once a week, but as it will take much less time you can do a I disagree stipulating an average price of between $ 50 and $ 55 for your work.

Cleaning in clinics and hospitals:

Hospitals and clinics can hire cleaning staff for all areas, although clinic cleaning is more expensive than any type of commercial cleaning because it must be done very carefully without spreading germs.

For this reason, the cleaning service of a clinic is considered a specialized service and it is very difficult to calculate the cost because each cynic is different from each other, since they have different needs.

Well, some may require a deep cleaning while others only need to clean certain areas and hire very specific services such as scrubbing common and waiting rooms, sweeping, cleaning and vacuuming.

Generally speaking, clinic cleaning averages 25-50% more expensive than regular commercial cleaning.

Night shift cleaning:

The average price of night shift cleaning service varies depending on whether it is a part-time or full-time job and the level based on the qualification of skills.

Full time: In this sense, a level 1 of qualification averages at 25.29 dollars per hour, while with a level of qualification 2, the price per hour averages in 26.27 dollars and a level of qualification of skills 3, the price averages in 27.68 dollars per hour.

Part time: With a level 1 skill qualification the average cost is $ 25.39, while with a skill level 2 the hourly rate averages $ 26.27 and with a skill level 3 the average cost is $ 27.68.

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