How much an immigration attorney charges on average

If you are looking for US citizenship or your legal residence you need to know how much does an immigration lawyer charge, since it is the best guide, even if you need a work visa to get a job and work legally.

How much an immigration attorney charges: fees

When you break down the values ​​over how much does an immigration lawyer charge you will find that the rate corresponds to a specific service, at an hourly rate and another rate for your initial consultation.

The immigration attorney is a specialist, whose hourly fees average between $ 100 and $ 300 for specific services.

To this you must add the initial consultation that will charge you as fees for some lawyers and is between 75 and 100 dollars.

If you ask the immigration attorney to submit basic forms, he charges an average of $ 300 to $ 700 to which you must add those corresponding to USCIS.

In the event that you need your visa, the lawyer can prepare a complete package for you if you pay fees that average between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000.

However, as each case may have different complexities and different natures, you should consider the experience of the attorney, therefore the fees can increase from $ 4,000 to $ 12,000.

The initial fee

The initial fee is the amount you pay when you hire the lawyer and corresponds to a percentage of the fee that you agree with the lawyer. Then, as withholding agent, he will deduct what corresponds to the hours of work and once that initial rate is exhausted, he will bill you the rest according to the hours he works.

How much does an immigration lawyer charge for a work visa?

Hiring a lawyer for the work visa, has an average cost of between 100 and 300 dollars an hour, after hiring the lawyer, most of them dedicate themselves to continue with the process themselves, presenting the documentation with the forms provided by the USCIS and it is even a procedure that many employers can help.

The costs

Keep in mind that the immigration lawyer will not include the fees that correspond to the presentation before USCIS, since the cost of applying for a visa reaches 2000 dollars and its process usually takes between 4 and 5 months, but you can choose the Premium process by paying An additional $ 1,000 for the application to be processed in 15 days.

How much does an immigration attorney charge for a pardon

You must know how much does an immigration lawyer charge for a pardon in the event that you apply for a green card and request that the United States government forgive your criminal, health, financial, security or any other causes, since without the pardon you will not be eligible to enter the United States United and you will not get your green card.

For this, it is not only necessary to complete and submit a form or a cover letter. Then the lawyer will be in charge of meeting many times with the beneficiary to see if you meet the basic criteria that will allow an exemption.

What the lawyer needs

  1. The attorney needs photos and documents to review and determine inclusion.
  2. It will investigate the conditions of the country of origin based on knowing what would happen if the exemption was not granted.
  3. Prepare copies of US government reports and newspaper articles that support the claim.
  4. It will organize the declaration of doctors, psychologists and professionals who have dealt with the treatment of relatives.
  5. Prepare statements from employers, relatives, friends, and individuals who can attest to the need for exemption.
  6. Create a detailed summary of the applicant’s evidence and qualification for the exemption.

The fare

Immigration attorneys generally charge an hourly rate for the preparation of the waiver application averaging $ 100 an hour.

However, you should think that to prepare the exemption application, the immigration lawyer will charge you between 5,000 and 11,000 dollars

How much does an immigration attorney in Texas charge?

In Texas, the average cost of an initial consultation is $ 20, but you will pay a total average of $ 1,000 because the cost of the attorney’s fee is $ 535 and the USCIS application fee is $ 465. .

How much does a Los Angeles immigration attorney charge?

In Los Angeles you can expect an average cost of between $ 100 and $ 350 an hour, but it varies because some attorneys charge a higher rate because they belong to a large staff of attorneys or have more experience than others.

  1. If you are looking for a B-1 or B-2 business visa, the attorney’s fee is $ 400.
  2. If you need a temporary work visa, consider a fee of $ 995
  3. If you are looking for a fiancé visa, the attorney’s fees average $ 795 with a filing fee of $ 535.
  4. If you need a spouse visa, attorney’s fees average $ 795 and $ 535 for filing fee.
  5. If you are looking to eliminate residential conditions, the attorney’s fees average $ 700 and the filing fee is $ 595.
  6. If you need the green card with the employer as the sponsor, the attorney’s fees average $ 2,000 and the filing fee is $ 700.
  7. If you are looking for the green card for your spouse, the attorney’s fees average $ 795 and the filing fee is $ 1,675.
  8. If you need a green card for an LA visa holder, multinational manager, or executive, attorney fees average $ 900 and $ 700 filing fee.

How much does an immigration attorney in New York charge?

In New York the attorney’s fee for the B-1 business visa is $ 400.

For the change of status, extension or renewal process, the cost is $ 400 plus $ 370 for the USCIS fee.

The H-1B work visa has a fee of $ 995.

The H-4 visa has a fee cost of $ 370.

The L-1 visa has a fee cost of $ 995.

The E-3 and TN visa has a fee of $ 500.

How much does an immigration attorney in California charge?

In California, the consultation fee averages between $ 100 and $ 250.

The Northern California fiancé visa averages between $ 700 and $ 2,000.

The marriage visa averages in fees costing between $ 800 and $ 3,000.

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