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How much a full-time architect earns in the USA, Spain and other countries

If you plan to study architecture or are studying, it is essential for you to know how much does an architect earnWell, at the end of your university degree you will go out to the labor market and of course it is important that you know what your average salary will be.

For this reason you will find this information below, since whether your salary is higher or lower depends on several factors such as your ability and ability to be a good architect, including your knowledge about architecture and based on this you will know the average salary no only in Mexico but also in Canada and Spain.

On average, how much does a licensed architect earn?

To clarify how much does an architect earnIt will depend on the country where you want to use your knowledge:

1.- Well, it is not the same that you apply your profession in Argentina where you will earn an average $ 292,500 annual salary While if you get a hierarchy position you can reach an annual salary of $ 497,000 but if you get a position with a basic hierarchy you will earn an average of $ 96,000.

2.- But if you apply your profession in USA, you will earn on average as the lowest salary about $ 41,320.00 dollars while in other more hierarchical positions you will earn $ 119,220.00 dollars in annual average.

How much does an architect make in Canada?

You know How much does an architect make in Canada? If you chose to work as an architect in this country, your level of knowledge of the language, the responsibility you will have in the job position, your contract and the labor agreement among other factors influences, but on average you will earn 4,745 Canadian dollars.

What is the salary of an architect in Spain?

1.You know What is the salary of an architect in Spain? If you want to work as an architect in Spain, then first of all you should know that you must have a bachelor’s degree in the career that consists of between 4 and 6 years of study.

  1. Having obtained the bachelor’s degree, your professional training will have had a significant scientific and technical load that will allow you to carry out your activity while fully complying with the project and its technical requirements.
  2. Even though the undergraduate study will have provided you with a good transversal and complete training, you can opt for a specialization course in urban design, urban planning, conservation of historical heritage or sustainability or even continue your training with a master’s degree.
  3. As for what you can earn as an architect in Spain, on average your gross annual salary can be between 26,000 and 30,000 euros, that is, your average gross monthly salary can be 2,500 euros.

How much does an architect earn in Mexico?

Do you know how much does an architect earn in Mexico?, since several factors affect, including:

  1. Your experience, since if you just graduated, your minimum salary will be $ 6,800, but it will always depend on the construction of the architectural project and your ability to handle one or more projects at the same time and the frequency of your work.
  2. Factors such as gender and age that make the value of what you can win lower or higher. For example, if you are a female architect, your average salary will be $ 14,895, while if you are a male architect, it will be $ 13061.
  3. Age also influences, because if you are an architect under 30 years old, your average salary will be $ 11,110, while if you are over 30 years old, it will be $ 14,418.
  4. It even has to do with the formality or informality of the job, because if you work as an architect in a formal job, on average you will earn $ 14,875 while if you work in an informal job, your average salary will be $ 9,640.
  5. If you are an architect with a graduate degree, your average salary will be $ 15,990 according to data provided by IMCO.

What does it take to be a good architect?

You know What does it take to be a good architect?Well, it is important that you know it because your salary will also depend on it. You need to acquire several skills for you to be considered a good architect, for example:

  1. You must acquire a good sense of aesthetics because despite the functional character of the buildings, the aesthetic character is essential regardless of the style of architecture, since it is necessary that you develop a sense of aesthetics, disruption and harmony.

For this you need to look at the environment to promote the development of sensitivity and observation and when talking about the environment it means the observation of everything that surrounds you including nature and buildings.

  1. The development of creativity as a skill is fundamental from the observation of everything you observe, even nature itself can provide you with innovative ideas, but always combining your creativity with science and logic.
  2. Drawing is an essential skill that you must develop so that you can perceive three-dimensional shapes with their volumes and carry out that drawing not only on paper but in a digital program.

It is not about any type of creative drawing but the geometric drawing that allows you to manage the spaces and is the one that you will study in the architecture career.

  1. Architecture is not a profession in which you can work alone but as a team, as there are large-scale architectural projects that can only be carried out in teamwork, so it is essential that you develop this ability to work together with professionals such as engineers, builders and designers.
  2. You need to develop the ability to pay attention to details, as it is essential that your work as an architect stands out for not letting any detail go by, however minimal it may seem, because this will affect your final result.

Attention to detail ranges from lighting to weather conditions, construction materials, finishes and many others that in conjunction make sure that a disaster does not occur at the end of the project.

What are the characteristics of architecture?

Considering the architecture characteristics and that as such it is considered one of the fine arts because from it the physical environment is modified according to the needs of human beings, the architect develops the construction according to its usefulness and shape.

  1. Nowadays it is associated with the design of spaces for housing, since the activity carried out most frequently by the architect is the construction of buildings and houses.
  2. For this, the architect takes into account various details of the construction to respect environmental conditions and the safety of the work.
  3. But in addition to the construction of buildings and houses for housing, he is also in charge of the direction of the construction of churches, schools, shopping centers and factories.
  4. Architecture originated in the Neolithic period with human civilization, its presence being necessary when man settled and after animals were domesticated and agriculture was invented. After these two achievements, the man had settlement and home planning skills.
  5. In this way cities and towns could originate. Being the architecture the one that contributed and modified spaces for the houses, administrative buildings and ceremonial precincts.
  6. There are different types of architecture with their own characteristics and according to the historical period.
  7. For example, Gothic architecture, which between the 12th and 15th centuries had its greatest preponderance, is characterized by the interior of the buildings and their lighting and structural lightness.
  8. The styles that could transcend are Baroque architecture between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and Renaissance architecture between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

What are the characteristics of Baroque architecture?

You know What are the characteristics of baroque architecture?, because above all it is a style perpetuated by absolutist states of Europe until the middle of the seventeenth century.

  1. It is a type of architecture that requires the viewer to link with it through participation and persuasion. It creates in the churches the perfect environment to exalt the Catholic faith and also infers in the persuasion of the faithful towards the supremacy of the church.
  2. It reflects the urban order within the absolutist social structure and even the image of power is perceived indefinitely thanks to the monumental perspectives, which gives rise to religious rituals and civil and military parades.
  3. The buildings have their facades conceived according to the landscape, street, square and therefore the surrounding space. It is a type of architecture characterized by the disappearance of geometric shapes typical of the Renaissance, giving rise to an optical variation and richness of decoration that can be perceived in the alteration of the space through lighting.
  4. The interior of the buildings has lights that give it fantastic effects with hidden fountains, trompe l’oeil, fictitious perspectives with a space spread over the vaults. All this effect makes the faithful impressed and attracts religious faith.
  5. Dynamics, curved lines, parabolas, ellipses, sinusoids, cycloids and hyperbolas predominate.
  6. As a material, ashlar stone and marble are used for interiors and specific buildings to create sumptuousness and bronze elements are even used to highlight the decoration and in parts of the columns.

Data on current and contemporary Mexican architecture

In the 20th century, Mexico inherited advanced technical forms that can be seen in the new National Theater, the Palacio de Comunicaciones or the Palacio Postal.

1.They are architectural works that foreigners projected, due to their capacity for that architectural complexity that include elevators, electrical and hydraulic installations, concrete and steel structure.

  1. Contemporary Mexican architecture is characterized by the modernist faction with a lot of functionalism, longitudinal windows without the Californian and neocolonial language typical of the modern movement.

How much does a criminologist make?

And if you are attracted to criminology, you can become a criminologist, because you will also know what your average salary can be. You will know all this below …

If you like criminology, you knowHow much does a criminologist make?According to IMCO data, the average salary of a criminologist in Mexico is $ 6,185 if you finished high school and are a technician. But if you are a graduate then your average salary will be $ 11,300.