How long does it take to get a work permit in the USA and how much does it cost to do it?

How long does it take to get a work permit in the USA?, is the common question after you applied for your work permit, since once your application has been accepted, you are waiting to obtain legal permanent residence in the United States in order to be a legal worker, as the law indicates, since the Employment Authorization Document It is what allows you to be eligible to work in the United States and you will work legally.

How long does it take to get a work permit in the USA and who is eligible?

First of all you should know if you can be eligible to apply and then you will know how long does the work permit take in the usa:

So starting with knowing you will be eligible if:

  1. You are an asylee or you are requesting asylum.
  2. You are a refugee.
  3. You are a student with a visa and you are looking for a specific job according to your studies.
  4. As an immigrant you are in the middle of the process to obtain residency.
  5. You have a protected temporary TPS status and according to your country of origin.
  6. You are the spouse or boyfriend / girlfriend of a United States citizen.
  7. You are a foreign government official.
  8. You are a minor child or spouse of an exchange visitor.

How long does it take for the work permit to be used and how to apply for it

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service indicates that to apply for the EAD and employment authorization you must:

  1. Submit the properly completed Form I-765 along with the $ 380 and $ 85 biometric screening fee.
  2. You will apply for the EAD if you have authorization to work in the United States with a nonimmigrant status (u visa), refugee, asylee or you need to verify employment authorization.
  3. You will begin the process with the I-485 form for your work permit if you need to adjust your status or request the registration of permanent residence.
  4. If you are processing form I-589 for withholding of removal or asylum application.
  5. If you have non-immigrant status to live in the United States but cannot work if you did not request employment authorization with the USCIS.
  6. You will apply for the work permit with the completed I-765 form and with the category marked depending on your eligibility.
  7. If you are an international student and have F-1 status with an approved training program, permission to work should have been obtained because it is part of the training.

Requirements to obtain a work permit in the usa:

  1. The valid original of the student or temporary resident card.
  2. If you do an independent job, you will attach an original sworn statement stating what your occupation will be and where you will develop it.
  3. The original of the job offers of the legal or natural person who wants to hire you, indicating the activity that you will carry out, where you will work and a proof of the employer’s registration.
  4. If you are a temporary resident student, you will also present the original of the corresponding letter of conformity to the educational institution.
  5. If you are under 18 or over 14 years old, you will also present the original of the permits according to labor regulations.
  6. If you need to make an adjustment of status, after you have entered the process, the final appointment usually takes 6 months.
  7. However, if you file the I-765 form because you are seeking asylum and request an EAD, the process usually takes three weeks according to what the USCIS indicates or aspires, since in reality the average delay time is from one month to three months because it depends on the number of applications entered.
  8. As a suggestion to reduce the delay and you can have your work permit as soon as possible, in the event that you need to renew it, it is advisable to submit the documents as soon as possible, since the complete form with the documents can be presented before the card expiration up to 120 days in advance. But do not go ahead more than 120 days because you can be denied permission.

Who are eligible for the work permit in the usa

Obtaining the work permit will depend on different criteria that you as an applicant must meet, for example:

  1. If you obtain an H-1B visa, you will be able to work in a job that requires higher education and specialized work.
  2. If you obtain an H-2B visa, you will work seasonal jobs where there is not much demand for work.

After the immigration tracks that follow

After the biometric fingerprints that follows: However, when you have already made the appointment for the biometric fingerprints, you will receive a notice at any time to carry out the interview. For the interview you can get information directly on the official USCIS site, because the entity offers you a study guide.

What happens after the immigration interview

The immigration interview is carried out at the consulate and will end with the decision made by the official in terms of granting you the visa or denying it and in this case it will indicate what additional process is required.

In fact, if your request was denied, you will know what the reasons were and you can remedy it with an additional document.

If you obtained an approval, your passport will be stamped with a visa and you will receive documents with information that you will present to the USCIS.

After the fingerprints, how long does the work permit with my green card take?

USCIS does not exactly indicate the delay time for you to receive your green card by mail after you completed the interview, however, it usually does not take more than 60 days, that is, two months, but USCIS will notify you with a notice welcome 30 days after the interview.

In other words, after you have received the welcome notice, it will take 30 days until you receive the green card. In any case, if the delay is greater and 60 days after the interview you do not receive your green card, you can call 1-800-375-5283 and you will contact USCIS, as the customer service will assist you. in charge of assisting you in the event that you move or if you have moved before receiving the green card, as you must communicate by phone to notify that your card is sent to the correct address.

In addition, keep in mind that the cost of the work permit is $ 380 if you carry out the procedure on your own but if you hire a lawyer, they will help you complete the I-765 form, but will charge you for the services provided, since the fees The average number of attorneys is $ 250, not including other costs such as the documents you sent to the USCIS, the photocopies, in addition to the two color photographs that you must present and which cost $ 10.

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