How does Twitter help drive traffic?

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteMany experts and not so experts in SEO have spoken a lot in recent months about the new changes in Google’s algorithm to position websites, all the authors agree that things get more difficult these days especially because the Backlinks Automatic, generated by other sites and in bulk are no longer a very good option, because Google and its most recent change in the search algorithm is penalizing sites that are poor in content, those sites that are over optimized in SEO, that abuse the Keywords on a site and the thing can continue to spread even more, one of the curious things about SEO is that it is very changeable, old rules and methods do not work when there are these kinds of changes, above all you have to be very up-to-date about it I am not an expert, but I read a lot about it and do a little work on it, but above all I am based on experience with my Blogs and I will tell you that something very difficult in these days This is how it is to position a Blog these days, especially when the Blog is very new, it lacks quality content and above all it lacks quality external links and above all Natural, although the reason for this article is not to talk about SEO but about Twitter and how this social network can help us when we are not yet in the competition for the first results in Google searches and when there are not enough links to get to our site.

Social Networks to attract traffic to our Site

Something that is talked about a lot these days is social networks, and not only because of its already proven importance in many areas of the Internet, from its importance for Business, for SEO and above all to attract traffic to our sites. and gain presence on the Internet. In my personal experience I have used the main social networks to promote my site and especially to learn how they work, I have observed the trends, the Pros and Cons of each one and I will tell you a little about my experience with each of them. a very general way because this is a topic for an entire article or even several.

Facebook logo smallMy experience with FacebookAlthough the truth is that I have not used this much due to certain restrictions that I have noticed that in others I have not noticed, Facebook is a bit demanding in security and identity issues, for example you cannot open an account using the data of your website without having to do several validations to confirm identity from email verifications and SMS sent to the cell phone to verify ownership, another thing that I have noticed is that sometimes when you are adding links or publishing many Facebook entries it is usually block and ask for authentication information again which is usually a bit annoying, another detail that I have noticed is that the main thing is to use your network of friends to start promoting if we go from 0 or inviting users from your website and if you do not have traffic you will not have many subscribers, another detail is that for very specific topics for a not very large audience it is difficult for many to be interested n, since on Facebook apparently the kings are the Leisure sites from what I have been able to notice since they are the ones that gain the most subscribers and those Current News sites, in short I have not had a good experience with this Social Network or is it that I simply have not known how to use it properly.
google-plus-logo-smallMy experience with Google+: One of the things that I like about Google Plus is that you can link your account with Blogger and your other Google services and get a lot of benefits from it, getting a good amount of +1 is not a difficult job even when you do not have traffic high since the people who follow you in circles will usually +1 in your publications and these are easily measurable from Google Analytics or the interface of Blogger itself, another of the things that I liked about Google Plus is its simple interface, and the Pages model is much superior to Facebook Pages, both in quality and Organization, however the biggest problem with G + is undoubtedly the number of active users of this Social Network, which is far exceeded by Facebook which it monopolizes the largest number of active members, so growth in Google+ can be very slow and especially users are not very active in this social network and this is the biggest problem I have had using G +.
twitter-logo-smallMy experience with Twitter: Without a doubt Twitter has earned my respect in matters of attracting traffic to other websites, its number of active members is much higher than G + and although it is not compared to Facebook members, members on Twitter are more focused To a specific topic, most of the sites or Blogs on the Internet are on Twitter, and it is extremely easy to locate them, it is also very easy to start getting followers especially when you are a moderately active member of the Network especially by following other people or portals, it is easy to contact other administrators of sites or people who share your topics of interest and especially Twitter has excellent tools such as Hashtags to easily get into discussions or start creating them, without a doubt the friendliest and easiest to handle so less in terms of attracting traffic and presence on the Internet.

Why do I recommend Twitter as a tool to attract traffic?

Mainly due to the number of active members of the network, the ease of creating profiles solely focused on your website or blog, the ease of publishing content and attracting traffic to it with discussions that can be seen by anyone looking for information about it, It is very easy to contact other Bloggers or relevant people on the Internet, most of the accounts are verified and it is not very easy to get into confusion, especially the way in which a network of Followers is created under the Follow to be Followed scheme is Extremely pleasant especially when we do not use close contacts, those are the main benefits that I see in this Social Network, I highly recommend Twitter since achieving a considerable number of followers that sometimes is not as difficult a job as in other social networks you can have Visitors to your website really interested in your topic and especially contact with other people who can recommend your site, this or while you cannot enter the competition for the first places in the searches, it is highly recommended while Google takes us into account due to the age of our sites and the SEO work that we are doing.

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