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How do men buy?

Know how and what the male sex buys. Also, discover in which category your man is according to how he consumes.

The concept of masculinity has changed during the last decades: from the classic macho who hardly cared about his personal care, to the metrosexual, who represents absolute vanity.

But that is not all, since the French anthropologist, Claude Rivière, has defined a new intermediate prototype, the neo sexual, which mixes characteristics of both. Take care of your aesthetic image, but without exaggerating, maintaining your masculine features.

Their activities have also changed

A survey carried out in Mexico showed that 50% of men accompany their partner to do the shopping in supermarkets, which also favors their care due to the offer of male beauty products with which they are.

What’s more, young men of middle and upper social strata are much more concerned about taking care of their health, doing some kind of exercise at least once a week.

This survey classified men into various categories, based on their behavior.

Men Power

They are the men who go to the supermarket to buy items for their personal care. 44% of Mexicans belong to this group.

Male Men

They are those who ask their partners to buy what they want. 16% of men belong to this classification.

Women Dependant

It refers to those men whose wives or partners buy the ones that seem best to them. 15% are within this segment.

Lazy Men

They are the laziest men who do not care about their personal image and use what they find in the house. 25% are considered Lazy Men.

How do men buy?

The universe of specialized products for men has grown enormously, such as after shave creams or hair gel. However, they are used by less than half of the male gender.

But last year, sales of products destined for them grew 18% in value. This figure means that more and more people choose to look good and buy items. For Men.

Another remarkable fact from this survey is that those men who care about their aesthetics spend more money on personal care products than women.