How do I track my Metro PCS phone calls online?

At Metro PCS Online you can track Metro PCS phone calls through its online account management tool to see what numbers are called and the amount paid per call.

Metro PCS is the leader in prepaid cellular telephony in T Mobile. Prepaid cell phone accounts make it easier for people to own a cell phone that would not otherwise qualify for the credit requirements of traditional cell phone programs. Each Metro PCS account has the ability to track phone calls and view call history. To track a Metro PCS phone call using online services, you need to have a basic or upgrade account on the Metro PCS website.

Basic and updated accounts

The difference between a basic account and an upgrade account is primarily the unlimited data usage that the upgrade plan offers. Upgrade plans also offer a more complete payment history for the previous three months and personal account information. Regardless of the account you have, your current call history is logged for you to review over a specified period of time.

Register an account


If you have not yet signed up for Metro PCS Online Account Management, please do so. Enter your phone number with a username and password. Update any account contact information, making it easier for your phone to receive refunds if you lose it. Once registered, log in to review your account history, including payments and call history.

If you have more than one Metro PCS phone, you can list them all under the same account online for ease of administration. Your account may be limited to the subscription you have. For example, if you have a weekly subscription, you will only be able to view the details for this period, unless your subscription is up-to-date with three-month payment history.

Call tracking

Once you are logged in, select the phone line on which you want to track calls. This is accomplished in the drop-down menu called “Metro PCS Phone Number”. At the top of the page there is a “Account Usage and Activity” drop-down tab. Select “Call Details” to see a list of the accounts. Review the calls made and received.

To view the details of a particular call, select the number for the details under “Financial Operations and Usage”. You will see the total call time and the cost of the call. This data helps you manage your prepaid per minute subscription more efficiently, identifying where you could be spending extra money.

For example, if you set up a Metro PCS phone for your daughter, you can see if she is using the phone for more than just keeping in touch with you as she moves between school and home. If your calls are longer to other numbers, you can block that phone number to avoid unwanted charges.

How to Check MetroPCS Phone Call History Online

MetroPCS offers subscribers access to call logs for a small monthly fee through its free online account access. Once registered, users have access to the list of calls made with the dialed number, the time for incoming and outgoing calls and the charges incurred for the call if the subscriber is not on an unlimited calling plan. The Call Detail feature can be used to track phone calls, retrieve important phone numbers, or monitor phone usage.

Steps to track your calls through MetroPCS My Account online access.

Step 1

Visit the MetroPCS website. Highlight “Support” at the top right of the screen. A drop-down list will appear. Scroll down and click on “My Account”.

Step 2

Log in by entering your username and password in the spaces provided. Click “Submit.” If you have never logged in online, click “Start Registration” to set up your account. You will need to have your phone and account security information available to complete the registration. Access to the basic services of My Account is free. Once the registration is complete, you will be able to log in immediately.

Step 3

Click on the drop-down box next to “MetroPCS Phone Number” and select the number for which you want to view detailed call logs. The phone will be displayed with information about the phone account balances and a picture of the phone.

Step 4

Click on “Call Details” located under “Account Usage and Activity” near the top center of the page if you have a monthly or weekly subscription. A new page will be generated with “Unlimited Use of Calls” and a list of the telephone numbers that have been called and the duration of each call.

Step 5

Click on “Financial Transactions and Usage” under “Account Usage and Activity” if you are subscribed to a per minute account. Information about each transaction, including calls, payments, and data usage will be displayed, along with information about fees and account balance.

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