How do I know if someone else is using my social security number?

If someone uses your USA social security You may be committing a series of illegal acts that affect you, since it is identity theft and therefore commits fraud against the social security that is in your name.

For this reason, your insurance must keep it carefully and reserved in a place other than your purse or in your wallet, since the safest thing is that you keep it at home.

What to do if I suspect that someone has my USA social security number

If you suspect that someone is using your social security usa can direct you to the Social Security Administration and they will help you with orientations.

However, regarding your credit, they will not be able to help you, since only you can do it this way:

  1. If your identity is stolen, although it is a situation that can make you desperate, you must keep him calm to solve the problem, which will take some time, because you will not be able to solve it even in a month, so maintain consistency to act with your mind peaceful.
  2. Contact the credit reporting agencies Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion and raise a fraud alert that will be placed on your credit report.
  3. When one of the agencies places a fraud alert, it will alert the other two agencies and thus whoever stole your identity will not be able to open accounts in your name.
  4. Keep in mind the phone numbers of the agencies: TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289, Equifax: 1-800-525-6285 and Experian: 1-888-397-3742.
  5. Ask the three credit bureaus to provide you with a free copy of your credit report after they have placed the fraud alert so that you have a record and carefully check the report you receive to check that there are no accounts open to you. name without you having opened them.
  6. Contact your creditors, taking note of the name of the person who attends you and the date of the call, since you will have to call each creditor by phone and then send them an email to follow up on your own case.
  7. Contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877438-4338, it is the line that corresponds to attention for identity theft. You can also contact the Commission through its website and you will complete a form with your complaint about identity theft.
  8. Contact the Social Security Administration, you can do it through their website by completing a form or by calling 1-800-269-0271.

Fake USA social security number

  1. With the fake social security number, your personal data can be bought and sold on the web for the sole purpose of committing fraud and also your data can be retained for a long time even for years before the thief uses it.
  2. For this reason, protection against identity theft is important because it will help you quickly detect fraud and you can also restore your identity.
  3. The truth is that a false social security number cannot be used since its use is prohibited.
  4. If the false social security number is discovered, authorities can initiate proceedings that will end in denial of immigration benefits, deportation, imprisonment, or the payment of a fine.
  5. If you entered work with a false social security number, it is best if you quit your job and look for a new one using a real social security number.
  6. Contact a lawyer and then talk to your employer, since he was informed that you were undocumented with a false SS, then when looking for a new job you will enter with your real social security number and pay the taxes indicated by law.
  7. If your employer discovers your false social security number, they can immediately fire you or recommend that you resign, or they can also notify the authorities by reporting you for having used false documents.
  8. You should also bear in mind that the social security number is always the same, it never changes throughout your life, therefore if you tell your employer that you have a new number they will not believe you and most likely it is that I reported you for fraud.

USA social security number

  1. The social security usa It is the document you need when you start a new job because your employer will request it.
  2. The number is used by the depressing accountant to report your income to the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service and also reports your salary to the Social Security Administration.
  3. It is an essential number for your employer to appear on the state income tax return.
  4. Even your employer needs it before you start working if it participates in the E-Verify program that detects if you can legally work in the United States.
  5. The federal government requires banks since 1970 to obtain the social security number of all customers, therefore if you want to open a bank account they will request it.
  6. The social security number is also used for the verification of your credit by financial institutions and because they make reports on your losses and investment income communicating it to the IRS and inform the tax deductible.
  7. The government uses your social security number when you apply for a federal loan to ensure your eligibility when applying for a federal student loan.
  8. If you want to access a public assistance program such as disability benefits, unemployment benefits, such as benefits administered by state or federal government agencies, you need the social security number as a means of identification that allows you to know if you are requesting a benefit that corresponds to you or to which you do not have the right to access.
  9. At the same time you need it when you sign up for Medicare because the Social Security Administration works in conjunction with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services to enroll people.
  10. According to federal law when you apply for a passport you must provide your social security number.
  11. The IRS uses the number when you file your tax return to verify the match of the income reported by your employer and you must even indicate the social security number of your children to claim them as dependents on your tax return.
  12. You need your social security number when you apply for your driver’s license.

Requirements for social security USA

  1. You must present the original of the documents or certified copies from the issuing agency.
  2. Notarized copies or photocopies are not accepted.
  3. All documents must be updated.
  4. United States birth certificate or United States passport.
  5. You must appear in person for the interview.
  6. If you lived outside the United States for a long time, you can present your current passport or a record that indicates your residence outside the United States and that therefore you do not have a social security number.
  7. If you lived in the United States, they will ask you for some information about the schools you attended or copies of the tax records.
  8. Proof of identity with your United States driver’s license or your United States passport.
  9. School identification card.
  10. Employee identification card.
  11. Health insurance card other than the Medicare card.