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How can I fix papers if I have a DUI

You ask yourself over and over again: I can fix papers if I have a DUI? The answer can be as easy as yes, but unfortunately it is not a quick answer because it all depends on your particular case, since each person is different and the cases are particular.

You want to know what are the factors that affect a positive or negative answer, then continue reading because you will be interested in knowing what the answer is …

I can fix papers if I have a dui according to status

One of the first factors to know if I can fix papers if I have a dui is your status:

  1. If you are a person with documents, it is not the same as if you are an undocumented person.
  2. For example, with a standard dui offense, if you have a residence, you are not in danger of deportation.
  3. If you are an undocumented person and therefore do not have legal status with a standard dui, it may be that if you are detained by immigration and customs, you will have to face deportation.

I can fix papers if I have a dui according to the crime

  1. When it comes to a standard crime, you won’t have a problem with immigration.
  2. With a felony dui you may have trouble maintaining or achieving legal residency status.
  3. You will run into the same problem in the event that you have multiple felony dui offenses.
  4. In any case, as you have already read, each case in particular is studied, since each case is studied indivisibly.
  5. Well, you should also know that the laws vary according to each state, but …

I can fix papers if I have a DUI and its immigration consequences

  1. When you are waiting for immigration benefits and you want to obtain the Green card or residence card, in the form they will ask you if you suffered an arrest, a conviction, a fine, if you went to prison due to a violation, you violated an ordinance or a law.
  2. Therefore, when you complete the Green card form, you must report the dui at the same time, since you have violated traffic, but traffic fines are not necessary to report.
  3. But if you have driven under the influence of alcohol you must report it as you must also report reckless driving called reckless driving.
  4. When it comes to reckless driving, as it is a serious fact, it is most likely that your request for the Green card will be rejected because it is considered an immoral crime.
  5. Anyway, you should never think about lying because if the lie is discovered, which is most likely from the digital fingerprints, you will not get the Green card.

If I have a DUI, I can fix papers

  1. However, with a dui problem, you can still obtain the Green card, since in principle you must always report all dui cases, as you will only have problems getting the green card if you had a conviction.
  2. Even despite the dui, when driving under the influence is not the same as if you were driving unaccompanied with children or reckless driving is detected, as there are more serious falls than others.
  3. Therefore, in the case of a conviction for dui, it is best for you to contact an immigration lawyer, since they are the specialized lawyers in raising and solving these cases.

I can fix papers if I have a drug DUI

1.While driving with alcohol consumption is presumed when it comes to dui situations, there may also be the possibility of driving under the influence of drugs, which is a much more serious case, since it is a cause of inadmissibility that It can be translated as the rejection of the request for the Green card.

  1. In fact, even if you have been detected possessing marijuana, you will find yourself in the same situation with a serious problem.
  2. Well, these are situations in which you absolutely must contact an immigration lawyer before you send the papers to the USCIS, the immigration and citizenship service.
  3. Keep in mind that before starting an immigration procedure, it is convenient to check if you have a deportation order against you.
  4. Remember that the laws of the United States are very different from those of other countries and even vary from state to state, therefore make all possible inquiries about arrest warrants and arrest warrants before starting your immigration process because what can It seems to you that it is not a crime, in the United States it can be a serious crime.
  5. Keep in mind that one way or another if you have a DUI it will affect your immigration process, since driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, whether controlled or chemical, is considered a crime and therefore is a serious offense. You will have a record that will remain in your immigrant file.
  6. If you have achieved residency they can deport you and if you are in the middle of the residency process they can deny you citizenship.
  7. Anyway, as everything depends on several factors, deportation may not always be an unavoidable fact, the date of the offense is also a key point, as well as what circumstance you committed the offense and are a repeat offender.
  8. You should also bear in mind that if you drive under the influence of alcohol and are stopped and arrested, the fact becomes a sentence and you will immediately be inadmissible and therefore you can be deported immediately according to the law for which you were convicted.
  9. Ultimately, if you have a dui, it will affect your immigration process and will be considered a serious offense, although the USCIS grants power to immigration judges so that they can withdraw from the reasons why you may be deplorable or inadmissible, which does not mean that the exemption deletes the fault you have committed.
  10. The immigration officer will record the offense or crime and it will be evidence and part of the documents that make up your file.