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How and where to get fast personal loans

When an emergency arises and you need quick money, you think about personal loans because when looking for your savings you realize that they are not enough.

For these occasions you know that you can count on lenders who offer you the money as fast as you need it. However, many of them in the face of your desperation for that urgency take advantage of that situation with high interest costs. For this reason, it is essential that you learn to protect yourself and take care of your finances by knowing how and where to get them.

Where to find personal loans

When you need to get personal loans fast you not only need to know where to find them but also to compare the costs.

Well, all this is important but you don’t have time to make comparisons and searches, so so that you can make a decision and make sure that you will not be signing an agreement that will harm you, read the following list, since the one you choose will determine not only the speed of your approval but also the costs you will face.


Upstart is one of the options that you can consider because it uses the peer to peer loan system and in addition to that it is a platform that offers an automated loan method. For this reason, your lines of credit are considered to have the best ratings by consumers.

One of these reasons is based on the approval of the loans that not only considers the credit history and the credit points but also includes the work history and education, with which by taking these factors into account, as a user you can access to a loan from $ 3,000 to $ 35,000, for example, to consolidate debts, to refinance your credit card, to use the loan for education or to open a business.

Therefore, if your credit score is 640, your source of income is demonstrable, you can choose Upstart to request a loan from $ 3,000 to $ 35,000 on its online platform with an APR that can be 4.7%, since it counts with a low interest rate and also your loan can be approved very quickly, because according to your case you can receive the money the day after the approval that does not usually take more than a few minutes.


Sofi is also a good option because, as Upstart has interest rates from 4.7% to 9.9% maximum, which are considered lenders with the lowest rates in the market to access a personal loan and even to refinance student loans. with a rate of 2.12%

Citizens Bank:

As a third option, consider Citizen Bank if you need a loan of $ 5,000 to $ 50,000, as it offers you a flexible and quickly approved credit line, with a return of the money borrowed from 3 to 7 years and with a fixed interest rate or variable.

In other words, you can receive a quick response to your loan application and also keep in mind that all the documents that will be requested can be signed electronically, since it accepts e-signed documents.

When you apply for your loan you can choose the type of term and the interest rate to customize your monthly payment, suitable for you and you will present your social security number, your contact information such as your email address, your phone number, your address postal address, your current income and information about your employment.

You will be eligible for the loan if you have a significant credit history and an annual income of a minimum of $ 24,000, it will also require you to be a US citizen or at least be a permanent resident of the US or Puerto Rico and if you reached the age of majority in your state of residence.

Lending Club:

Lending Club is different from the previous options but similar to many organizations in the North American financial sector. It was created from Facebook bringing together several entities that connect people who are looking for a loan with those who grant them.

The Lending Club proposal is based on checking your solvency through the money you request and your income, after submitting this data, Lending Club works as an intermediary presenting the loans to the financers according to the level of risk selected by each lender.

Keep in mind that you can request from $ 2,000 to $ 25,000, but you should consider that in order to make it attractive to lenders, despite the speed of the loan and the possibility of repaying it at 36 months at no additional cost, the interest They are tall.


Earnest is also an option for you to consider due to its low interest rate for a personal loan and for student loan refinancing.

Earnest will check your solvency by collecting data such as the investments you have made, your professional career, your ability to save, and from there it will offer you an appropriate rate.

You can make the loan application online and then you will manage the payment preferences in your control panel and in an application for mobile phones.

In general, to be eligible you must meet some of the requirements such as:

Being employed or at least having a full-time job offer will also be eligible if you have enough savings to cover a month or more …

If you spend less than you earn, if you have a good balance in your bank account, if you do not have mortgage debt, if you have a history of paying on time, and if you do not have a recent bankruptcy.

Any questions you have with your loan can be contacted via email or a phone call.

How to obtain personal loans with bad credit in the USA

You may need personal loans, but if you have no credit or bad credit you think that it is impossible for them to grant you a loan, but nevertheless it is not true because you can obtain it, for example:

Line of credit on your home:

While using the equity in your property, you can put it at risk, if your income is reliable and you show discipline with the payment of a line of credit, it is an option that you can consider due to the low interest regardless of your credit score.

Peer to peer loan:

Peer to peer loans consist of platforms through which you can request a loan directly from a group of people instead of requesting it from a financial institution.

A list is created with the loan requirements and their purpose, then investors review the list and choose the ones that meet their criteria. Two examples of these platforms are Prosper and Peerform, but you must at least submit a credit score of 640.

Cash Advance:

It works in the same way as the previous option, that is, online and free. Find within the network the lenders that can offer you the money you need

Co signer:

If no friend or relative is available to congratulate you on a loan, you can ask one of them to help you by co-signing a loan for you.

That Person will know your financial situation and your ability to pay the debt, in this way you can receive the money you need, but if for any reason you do not pay the debt, your co-signer will be in charge of the entire payment and the history. of payments will be recorded in the credit report of your co signer and yours, so you must be punctual with payments and never stop paying because you will harm your co-signer.