Hosting, the platform on which an entrepreneur builds his dreams

The platform on which we create our online business is something that is not talked about much, however there are entrepreneurs who have changed platforms or hosting more than five times, with the damage and time consuming that this entails.

Today I want to talk to you about the platform in which an entrepreneur creates his entire online empire, do you think this is not important? Keep reading and I can assure you that after reading this you will already pay the attention it is due.


Hosting, the basis of a solid business.

When I started I was lucky to choose, I say luck since I really knew very little about online marketing at the time, a platform on which I built my first website, income from around 2009, since then until today there have been thousands of setbacks in my online business, but in relation to the platform on which I created my first website, I really have to be grateful, since I found qualities that really have to be highlighted.

Good, but I don’t want to just talk about my experience with platforms or hosting, since there are many really professional platforms that offer a very good user experience to entrepreneurs who build their businesses on them.

Tips that can help you choose a good hosting to create your online business on it.

Of course the tips can be many, but here I will focus on the most important ones, the ones that I observe in my experience and in the experience of other marketers who are working online as well and have been doing it for a long time.

Are you looking for cheap hosting but want to build a business for life? WrongIt is the worst thing you can do, we all know the phrase “cheap is expensive” and in this case many things can happen to you due to this apparent simple choice.

Since the loading speed of your sites is very slow, your server crashes for hours and nobody is responsible, files that are lost, you have problems with your blogs and nobody responds to you in support, it is not your language, it takes days to answer, etc.

– “Unlimited resources”Well, the limitless only exists in our mind, therefore do not be surprised that when your traffic starts to rise you have problems with your bandwidth, you have to make special configurations if you know how to do it or ask people to do it for you support, otherwise your pages may be offline for days, and when you have a business this represents losses, both in profits, positioning, decline of your brand, etc.

You need to have support from the company- Something that you really need to think from the beginning when you want to create an online business is that you are going to need help from the support people, this is so, yes or yes, an online business has many connections and it depends on many factors and some of they are outside of yourself, for example and it has happened to me that your blog mysteriously disappears from the Internet, you start to investigate and discover that a plugin is causing problems or a topic has been loaded without a key file, therefore when people search your blog appears some kind of error.

Therefore you have to see that the hosting you choose already has a long history in the medium, has support in your language and that they really respond and help you as quickly as possible.

Hosting that periodically makes copies of all your work- This is vital, it is true that with a blog you can program so that a copy of your entire blog reaches your email daily, but you also need to know that they do periodic backcups, this will give you more security and allow them to work much more. fast in case problems occur.

Never hire the minimum and necessary- This is usually a mistake, for example if you have the possibility of hiring a hosting with unlimited space, in which you can host all the domains that occur to you, you should do it, since an entrepreneur is sure that he will not use a single domain in your online life, we are continuously growing to other markets, testing, searching domain names for our own products, etc, etc.

Check opinions of other users on the web- Investigate the experience of other entrepreneurs on the hosting you want to hire, for this search in forums, Twitter or Facebook profiles, etc.

Hosting, and the different types of accommodation.

– Shared- It is generally how we all start, since the traffic we receive is not much therefore it is enough, then when the traffic begins to rise we will need to move to the next level the VPS hosting.

Something to highlight in this type of accommodation is that as the word says, you share this accommodation with other websites, the sites will share, so to speak, the same reputation compared to SEO or positioning in Google.

– VPS – If we start to receive large amounts of traffic to our blog, constantly then we need a VPS server, this type of accommodation allows us to distribute the capacities and power of the servers in a balanced way, this means that if you need to more capacity, you have it at your fingertips, even if you want to go to the next level you can do it almost automatically.

Each Virtual Server has reserved resources and can even have more capacity during times of greatest load as long as they are free on the physical server. It is the advantage of sharing a more powerful machine: The probability that all VPS Virtual Servers need the resources at the same time is statistically very low, and therefore our Virtual Server will be able to make use, on many occasions, of the capacity of a powerful server.

– Dedicated- The difference with the others is that you have only one machine or server for you, in reality you will only use it only if you have a high traffic to your sites, otherwise it is in vain to hire a server of this type, it is advisable to start in a shared server and later if you move to a higher compartment.

These considerations are what you will have to contemplate on a daily basis if you are in online ventures, an entrepreneur is in continuous learning, entering and leaving new challenges, therefore hosting is important, it is vital, but once you solve it, you will you can forget about it.

In my experience, the hosting that I can recommend, the one I have been using since 2009, is the HostgatorI have gone through many challenges with them and I am sure they have helped me far beyond their tasks. You can check their benefits from this link.

I hope this information is useful to you, I also invite you to share this article with other people who may find it useful. If you want to comment on your experience with some hosting, we are open to your comments.

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