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Honey, a program to find discounts offered by Internet stores

When we go to buy something we always ask if there is any reduction or if perhaps using our power of persuasion we could tempt the seller to give us even a small discount. Sure, this negotiation process is done face-to-face, but what if it is an online purchase?

Well, in these days of enormous entrepreneurship we will always find a solution, this time we introduce you to Honey, a plugin for Google Chrome designed to detect coupons for discounts or promotions on the payment pages of all online stores with which it is compatible.

program to find discounts
In this way, we can save a lot of money, which is currently several hundred thousand dollars “saved” from people who generally buy without knowledge of the existence of a promotional discount, for example. It seems incredible but it is the mere reality, and surely it has happened to you or someone you know, perhaps because they do not speak certain languages ​​such as English or because as is typical, the small letters are what are offering us something that, let’s be honest, we are not to read.

Well, finally, with this button called “Find savings” we will find out if we can save some money on our virtual purchases, it is easy to install and while you use it the system will have to take certain information from you as well as your personal data as well as well as your Google Analytics reports in order to improve the system and thus offer you better results.

And one of the best advantages is that we are not required to register to be able to use this ingenious program that will undoubtedly improve the shopping experience on the Internet.

Link: Honey