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Home and Office Cleaning Business Insurance

The Cleaning business insurance It is essential for all the people who carry out a cleaning business, be it sole proprietorship or a partnership.

Well, as it is a job in someone else’s home, you will always face risks that must be covered for your peace of mind.

Otherwise any damage that occurs to the client’s property, the person who performs the cleaning will be legally responsible.Cleaning Business Insurance

What does the insurance cover for cleaning business

The Business insurance When it comes to cleaning insurance, it offers coverage on the cost of a possible lawsuit and also covers the expenses that imply that your business goes into bankruptcy, therefore by taking out insurance it will give you peace of mind to carry out your work.

Although the premiums are annual, their value depends on the type of cleaning business you will open, for this reason it is best to visit several insurance companies so that you can estimate the cost of your insurance for a cleaning company.

Business Insurance: General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for a Business insurance It is necessary so that you can cover yourself in the event that while you are carrying out your cleaning work, they cause property damage, break or hit some high-cost material good and even if your client exercises a claim against you for injuries, slander and insults you will have coverage thanks to general liability insurance.

The premium is also annual and will depend on your type of business, but it is generally estimated at a cost that varies between $ 374 and $ 696.

The balance of payments: The balance of payments are coverage policies, for example includes property insurance and general civil liability.

BOP: BOP is property insurance whose coverage extends to your cleaning materials and all the teams that belong to you to carry out your cleaning work.

This type of insurance covers the replacement or repair of everything that has to do with your commercial property, whether if you lose supplies, in case of theft of materials, if they are damaged due to a storm or vandalism, you have the assurance that the insurance will cover the damage with a replacement or repair.

BOP Premiums: Property insurance premiums for cleaning services or BOP are also variable and annual, but as an average price they are estimated between the $ 725 and the $ 1056

Labor insurance: According to state laws, you need work insurance that covers work accidents, that is, you get medical coverage for employees who perform cleaning work and you also get coverage for injuries that can be caused in the work area.

For example the Business insurance It covers you in a case where an employee needs medical treatment due to a fall at the client’s house while cleaning.

This type of coverage has a variable annual premium between $ 1,616 and $ 3,185.

Commercial automotive insurance: If you set up a cleaning company, you surely have one or more vehicles to transport employees to the workplace, as you therefore need commercial automotive insurance, since if you have an accident during the journey to a client’s home , the insurance will cover the trial and repair of the vehicle and even if the collision was caused to an uninsured vehicle it will also cover the damages.

Premiums: In this case, the annual premium averages between $ 1,533 and $ 3,152.

Extension of liability insurance: In turn, it is useful to think about an extension of civil liability insurance, because you can claim your insurer when your client has sued you for a particular reason, whose cost exceeds the coverage of civil liability insurance without extension and you can do it paying an annual premium that is around $ 400.

Surety bond: The surety bond is a contract guarantee demanded by many clients, as it is an agreement between your client, you and the insurance company through which the insurance company is committed to reimburse the client the money that corresponds due to a breach of the contract or in the event of any inconvenience at work.

The annual surety bond premium averages over $ 100.

The truth is that for your business to run smoothly and keep you calm, you should think about these types of insurance that are essential for your cleaning business.

Well, whether you dedicate yourself to cleaning offices, schools, houses or apartments, you will always travel to the workplace and therefore that vehicle must be insured.

In the same way, once you arrive at your client’s home or office, when working in a foreign place, you are responsible for everything that may happen while you work, physical and material damages are your responsibility and therefore you must have a coverage against such damages.