Health insurance costs and benefits in the United States

You are looking for cheap health insurance United States? Don’t be left without insurance, for although the rising cost of health insurance means that many Americans cannot have health care coverage.

This fact caused many insurance companies to offer insurance policies with the highest deductibles. Do you want to know what they are? Then keep reading …

What are the cheap health insurance United States

For example, among cheap medical insurance in the United States, you have:

Group health plan

The group health plan provides you with social benefits established by a union through your employer and from which you receive medical care as a direct dependent. Of course, you can access this type of insurance plan if you find yourself working under dependency.

Private sector health plan

In general, the private sector health plan is covered by the ERISA Income Security Act which offers you protection and medical care. You have the right as a participant.

ERSA, the Employee Benefits Security Administration, is in charge of managing and monitoring compliance with the provisions of ERISA.

The agency has the obligation to provide you with all the information about the program and the health plans and even has the right to enforce the rules by employers.


Medicate is a national health care plan for seniors, commonly referred to as Original Medicare or Part A and Part B

Part A is for Medicare hospital insurance. The benefit covers hospital care including hospital stay, skilled nursing care, and home care. If you are 65 years old you are eligible for Medicare Part A.

If you collect a social security disability benefit you can automatically enroll in Medicare Part A, otherwise you can buy it if you or your spouse is 65 years old and also qualify for Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B is an option in which you pay a premium every month according to your income and it can be higher if you did not enroll in it when you were eligible.

However, both parts A and B do not have full coverage, that is, you will have to pay for some medical procedures unless you have complementary insurance, including parts A and B can cover some medical services and you will pay copays, coinsurance and deductibles.


It is the health plan that offers you a network of pre-established and exclusive doctors with hospitals that you can see in a limited way.


It is a health plan that offers you to choose from a number of pre-established doctors but you also have the right to choose another doctor outside the network provided and then if you choose another doctor outside the network you will pay a higher deductible.


The PPO is a health insurance that allows you to choose a doctor or health provider within the offered network or you can also choose another hospital or doctor.

If you choose a doctor within the network, you will have coverage on many services and their costs will be lower. You can buy the insurance through your employer or you can buy it privately and choose the products that are available in the plan.

Cheap medical plans in the united states

  1. If you are looking cheap medical insurance united states, first of all you must determine if the insurance purchase can be done through your employer because you are eligible for it because this way it will be much cheaper compared to if you do it individually,
  2. You should also think and evaluate if it is better for you to find a low cost of medical service or you prefer greater flexibility to choose the doctor you want instead of choosing one within the network provided by the plan.
  3. For example, the POS admits that you are the one who chooses the health provider outside the network, however you will pay a higher deductible.

Health insurance for the undocumented

  1. If you are undocumented, depending on the county you can access an indigent care program without eligibility requirements.
  2. You can also go to community clinics and hospital emergency departments that offer services to all people regardless of immigration status. They give you free medical attention or paying a reduced cost according to your income level.
  3. For example, in Los Angeles County you will find San Francisco’s Healthy and Los Angeles’ MyHealth LA program that offers you health coverage as an illegal immigrant.
  4. You should also be aware that under the Affordable Care Act, undocumented immigrants are not eligible for federally funded health coverage, but you are eligible for emergency care with Medicaid if your income is low.
  5. Most Americans have employer health insurance coverage with benefits negotiated at a group rate in your name and by your employer.

Company health insurance

Since public health care does not exist in the United States, like most Americans you can have health coverage from your employer, but you also have the possibility of buying insurance from an insurance company, for example:

  1. American National Insurance Company is a leading company with its headquarters in Galveston and with subsidiaries in 50 states that offers a wide range of services and insurance. To get a quote, you must enter its website and know everything it can offer you in its health plans.
  2. Aetna, offers you insurance products with its headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut, you can buy the health plan from your employer or individually.
  3. AARP, is a non-profit organization that offers health insurance to people 50 years of age or older

Cheap private medical insurance for people with green cards

  1. If you have a green card and you are the holder of it and you live most of the year in the United States, you must have health insurance according to what the affordable assistance law requires.
  2. If the deadline for Obamacare has passed, you just graduated, you wait for the health benefits to start, you can count on short-term health insurance for a short time.
  3. If you are under 65 years of age, you live in the United States with permanent residence, you can consider Blue Shield and Blue Cross as national insurance.
  4. In the event that you have missed the enrollment date for medical care or are waiting for health benefits to begin, you can count on temporary health insurance.
  5. If you have a green card and are over the age of 65 you may be eligible for federal Medicail, Medicaid or Medicare sponsored by the state and you may even be unreadable for another federal health plan supported by the state.

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