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Gutter Cleaning or Gutter Cleaning Service

Armed with nothing but a ladder, a garden hose, and a means of transportation to get you from job to job, you can start your own business cleaning of channels, gutters and downspouts, better known here in USA What Gutter Cleaning.

This type of business is very profitable Since it is possible to earn between $ 200 usd to $ 300 usd per day cleaning the leaves and other debris from the gutters to drain the water from the roof or rain gutter.

Permits and licenses to open a gutter cleaning company

Gutter Cleaning Service or Gutter Cleaning

You need to research your state’s requirements to carry out this deal, it may only require a business license or business licenseHowever do research in your city, you will also have to obtain liability insurance, known in the United States as Liability Insurance.

If you plan to hire employees you will also need workers’ compensation insurance or workers’ compensation in USA, being covered by these insurances are also excellent sales tools, as they will provide clients with the peace of mind of knowing that they will be protected in the event of an accident or damage to their homes, and they also help to project a professional image for your business.

Market your own gutter cleaning business or gutter cleaning with the design of a promotional brochure, flyer or brochure where you highlight the details of your service, along with contact information.

Deliver flyers house-to-house in suburbs and be sure to post a special flyer promotion, like a 20 percent introductory discount, to get started quickly. In addition to promoting yourself to single-family home owners, you can also reach out to home owner associations and property managers and offer your services to them.