Guide to know how to sell online

salesWithout a doubt, the marketing and sale of products and services is one of the pillars in the business world. From door-to-door sales techniques to sales by telephone lines, they have evolved and others have emerged, thanks mainly to new technologies. One of them is Internet sales, which has many advantages over other means of marketing, however many do not know how to take advantage of them or die trying. The main reason why this happens is ignorance about the subject. That is why we have created this guide to know how to sell online.

  1. Identify and define what you offer: The elements of Internet sales are based on what is seen, what is heard and what is said; In other words, if you offer a service or a product, it must be very visual, it must attract attention; It must be a product or service about which others say positive things or have effective testimonials and you must also be very clear and sincere when describing your product or service
  2. How are you going to offer it: SIf you are already clear, everything related to your product or service would correspond now; look for the easiest way for that product to reach your client in the shortest possible time, this part is very important to dedicate time and a lot of work, since most Internet businesses fail precisely at this point. If a client demands a product from you, no matter how good it may be, if it does not arrive in the agreed time and manner, the client loses confidence and it will be a bad testimony of what you offer. The client always expects more than what is offered, added value in attention, disposition and availability. People who have succeeded in selling services or products over the Internet recommend using effective marketing channels, channels that others have already proven to work, it is not the same to start a business from scratch to start a business by franchise or endorsement of a company recognized.
  3. Create a website for your product or service: What moves on the Internet is information, so your product or service must have an exclusive and precise site where it is discussed, a recognized and authoritative page, where specific data, testimonials, contact information are offered, updates, guarantees and seriousness of who produces or offers the service or product. There is nothing more disappointing for a customer than entering your product page and finding a page under construction, poorly designed, without information or in the worst case, the page does not exist.
  4. Advertising the product or service: Many people believe that by creating a web page for the product or service and updating it from time to time, all the work is done, it is not like that, a web page would be lost among millions of other pages, which talk about similar products or even of the same product that is why it is necessary to work on advertising, advertising on social networks, in forums and any opportunity we have to talk about our product or service. There are not too many tutorials, user manuals in different languages, video demonstrations, graphics and labels.sales2
  5. Direct contact with clients: Some e-commerce gurus suggest the sale of products automatically, that is, developed platforms that do all the work, practically without the owner of the service or product doing anything, filling in some data, uploading images of the product, technical information about the product, give your account number and sit and wait and see how the checkbook grows; I personally think that in small businesses or that are just beginning, direct contact by email, chat, telephone, makes the difference between a customer who buys again and one who does not come back.
  6. Offer a bonus, plus or added value: People like to buy, but they like gifts more, whenever possible in addition to your product or service, offer something additional, an added value, a detail, an accessory, whatever you can think of, the important thing is that the client feels that in addition to the good product you are selling, you are also interested in giving a gift, although both the client and the seller know that the cost of the “gift” is included in the offer.
  7. Follow up after sales: Post-sale monitoring consists of creating a database of your customers and taking care of it like a treasure to use these data after several different ways, for example a personal call to your customer without omitting his name, asking him how the product has gone. it’s going to help a lot; You have a new product, from the same category as the one you sold to your client. Who do you think is the first to know? there is a promotion for a month of one of your products, send an email to your customers, with all the offers, etc. A database of your clients is a gold mine.
  8. Persists: Internet businesses, like traditional ones, require discipline and persistence, it takes time to have an Internet business working fairly well, the advantage is that when you learn to do business through this medium, you can practically sell anything, because they all work with the same logic and rules. Electronic commerce is well paid, great profits are achieved, especially in digital products, for example an ebook, digital photographs, video tutorials, etc. But it requires a lot of discipline, it is an everyday job, you cannot abandon a product or service to its fate, it is necessary, study the work of others, read materials related to the subject of electronic commerce or Internet sales .

How to sell more and better

how-to-sell-moreGrowing leads to learning and experimenting, the same happens in sales if you want to sell, you must be persistent and constant. Also today I want to share with you what I consider are the 5 fundamental actions to sell more.

These actions will also help you to sell better, if you incorporate them into your person in any area of ​​your life. I do not want this post to become a bottle opener for magical secrets, nor a monologue from an expert, they are just actions that I think can help, provided they are carried out.

Never stop educating yourself.

Formal education or not, is a resource that will always be important in your life. Only you are responsible for keeping up to date, read, debate and learn, either in a classroom or in the cloud but seeks to build skills and abilities accompanied by truthful and useful information always.

Apply what you learn.

There is no better way to demonstrate what you have learned than by applying it, this is not a magic formula, it is common sense. Put yourself in situations where you can apply all that you have learned until you master it.

Overcome your fears.

The fear of rejection, shame, what they will say, etc. They are only mental barriers, which we ourselves place in our being and they do not let us advance. It is scientifically proven (I owe you the source, the more I’ll look for it) what exposing ourselves to our fears little by little mitigates negative anxiety, reinforcing feelings of tranquility to the point where there is no reaction whatsoever. In other words, exposing ourselves to selling and being “rejected,” accustoms us to the situation and allows us to be calm during the operation.

Prepare before each appointment.

Dedicate 10 to 15 minutes Before any appointment you have, checking that the computer has a battery, that the projector works, that the audio is in optimal conditions, that the air conditioning works. If you do it, none of that will worry you within your presentation and with this you can be more focused.

Be flexible and adaptable.

They say “A good rooster sings in any henhouse”, the structuring of your sales presentation must be so dominated by you that you should have several versions of yourself from the classic presentation with all the necessary equipment, to the mini or elevator version where you only have 60 seconds to sell. Yes! 60 seconds, it is incredible what you can count in such a short time, if you organize your ideas and highlight the key points that interest your interlocutor so much.

In conclusion.

Being on a sales team (or be the entire sales team in the case of a startup) is an activity of great responsibility and also of many changes, to be able to reach a better salesperson and above all a better person, being more professional and dedicated in what he does.

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