Guide of sizes used in social networks

Dimensions and sizes used in social networks 2015 and 2016

One of the problems that we generally have when we venture into a social network, will always be the adaptation of profile photos, covers and images to use, this is important, remember “The first impression is what countsYou don’t want to end up with your logo or pixelated (stretched) images, which more than show off, just look bad. That is why I have decided to add a guide to sizes used in their social media profiles.

Looking for a resource that could be illustrative enough and at the same time simple to understand, I have found this infographic where it clearly explains the sizes needed by Social network.

Before moving on to infographics, if you are not very skilled in terms of sizes, I would also like to present you an option that helps you cut or adjust images according to the required measurements. Easy to use and free I leave the link below.

Social Media Image Maker