Grow Your Business Visiting More People

Rule # 1: Visit more people

This is the most important rule. Talk to anyone who stays with you long enough to be able to hear you. Don’t even become a snob by selecting your clientele. nor on a card player trying to pick the best leads from the deck.

Rest assured that if you go through your list of potential clients and start to dismiss them as too old, too young, too rich, too poor, too far away, too smart, etc., you are going astray and you will fail. Whenever you start building a business, it’s good to talk to everyone because what you need the most is practice. The law of probability shows that when you talk about your business with everyone, you will end up being successful, it’s just a matter of knowing how successful you are. Any problems that you face in your business can be solved by increasing the activity. If you feel depressed because you don’t know where your life is going, double the number of presentations. If the business is not growing as fast as you expected, increase production. Increased activity is a cure all For most of our concerns, talk to everyone – that’s the First Rule.Grow Your Business Visiting More People

Rule # 2: Visit more people

Call on the phone and do not stop doing it. Even if you are the best in town at presenting a product, you will be out of the game if you don’t visit enough potential customers. You can be a great speaker and have a great personality, but without a significant number of presentations, you will never be above average. Talk to everyone.

Rule # 3: Visit more people

Many just chat and never reach their potential. They believe that the cause of everything is the clients who never managed to convince. But it is not true, the cause is the clients that they never saw. Explain your story continually. Just stick to these three rules and you’ll have impressive success.

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