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Gift Baskets Sales

At present the industry of Gift Baskets or Gift Baskets it has annual sales of around $ 800 million, making it an attractive market to explore. If you are a creative person, with a sense of aesthetics and skills for customer service and sales, this may be a good opportunity for you. The good thing is that the startup costs are really low, you can do it from home (home-based business) and if you want only as an activity to generate extra income (part-time).

Gift Basket Sales

Baskets should be designed around a central theme which may well be the Baby Birth, Wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Graduation, Christmas, New Year, Baptism, Easter, Birthday, Romance, Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving), Recovery from Illness or Accident, including Divorce, also specialized in a type of food or drink such as chocolates, organic products, cheeses, wines or champagne.

Your clients can be individuals, generally women are more likely to buy personalized baskets, businesses (organizing events, weddings and banquets), companies of any field, clubs, fundraising organizations, real estate agents, condominium managers , advertising, public relations agencies, etc.

How to Start a business selling gift baskets or Gift baskets

Do a little research to determine what competition exists in your area, look for ideas in specialized magazines in decoration and crafts, contact suppliers, many of them offer packages to start or starter kit o no minimum purchases required, (it is important that you buy wholesale to maximize your profits and have competitive prices), request catalogs of the different items you will need, and something very important, investigate in your city what type of permits or licenses are required , usually a business license or business license and a resale license orresale license, the latter allows you to buy wholesale.

How to get customers to sell gift baskets

You can advertise in local newspapers, specialized newsletters, organize an exhibition with a sample of your baskets and invite friends, neighbors and co-workers, take samples of your baskets to your friends’ parties (it is always a good idea to tell them first), leave samples to consignment in businesses in your area such as beauty salons, bridal supply stores (bridal shops) or rental of men’s suits (tuxedo rental shops), donate one or more baskets to a fundraising event in exchange for publicity, design a brochure with your products and send it to your potential business and corporate clients, you can even take photos of some of your baskets and create a kind of professional portfolio.

Tips for the sale of gift baskets or gift baskets

Always have your brochures o portfolio and business cards (business cards) at hand, you never know when you might be in front of a potential client. To locate suppliers, do a search in Google, Yahoo or your favorite search engine with the words Gift Basket Supplies or Gift Baskets Wholesale.