Get out of your comfort zone

The time has come for you to understand once and for all that we have to abandon the famous“comfort zone”. Being hunched over in it does not bring us any benefit, and yet it does bring us abandonment and from Blog Hispano de Negocios I will not tire of fighting against the comfort zone.

But what exactly is the “comfort zone”?

Being in our comfort zone is a state of mind, where we are comfortable with our current life, where our aspirations are already covered. As you can see, it is pure conformity.

All of us must always aspire to more, and not necessarily as many people confuse these aspirations must be economic.

Do not think that being in a comfort zone only affects the weaker socio-economic classes and the middle class, even if you are a great potentate you may spend too much time in personal conformism.comfort zone

We are going to distinguish two basic things so that you are able to analyze whether or not you are hunched over in your comfort zone:

  • Personal aspirations
  • Personal values

If you are a person with few ambitions, where you consider that what you have is enough, either material, or work if you have it, but also if you are unemployed and have decided to stay stagnant, then you are a well-off person in your life. comfort zone, you are a person with a fear of fighting and without realizing it you consume yourself, nothing happens because of that, the vast majority of people never move out of their comfort zone.

But if, on the contrary, you are an ambitious person, eager to improve every day, for example your economy, or you aspire to a better job and fight for it, or if you are unemployed you are struggling every day to get out of the agony that it entails, or whatever better you are a person whose ambition is to take care of your health … then you can consider yourself a lucky person and never change.

Regarding personal values ​​and their influence on your comfort zone, you should rethink them often, review them, enhance those values ​​that make you better and help you in your personal growth and stay away from all those who create you and generate ghosts in your life. head.

The comfort of the comfort zone is reached by the path of unconsciousness, all of us tend to flee from everything that poses a threat which ends up leaving us very well under the protection of the comfort zone.

For example, as an expert in the business world, every day I meet people with great abilities to advance in new projects but with a terrible fear of breaking that barrier, the fear is such that everything is excuses, if it is not the best moment, if I put my little economy at risk, and if it goes wrong, and if…. What if…. And in the end, what do you think happens? Well, simply that they add to the lot of lovers of their comfort zone.

Attention, I have nothing against it, for the record, but above all and above all I am an entrepreneur and that pulls me a lot, it makes me continuously aspire to more in all areas and I hope it would happen to you the same

Today I specifically published a post on the fan page of recipes for entrepreneurs where I said that I am looking for committed people to work from home and constantly generate income, I have had quite a few queries, but I am aware that more than 90% are going to stay in the inkwell, since you immediately realize if you have someone in front of you who is satisfied with what they already have, but ask to ask something as if they wanted to hatch… .but there they stay… anyway.

The only person who has the key to get out of the comfort zone is yourself, the limits are set by you, the one who must change habits is you and it is in your hands, the rest we can do is guide you and give you advice but nothing more.

If you have decided to go out, do it now, if you do not keep your shell, but then do not complain, the world is already full of complaints to put up with one more.

If you are going to undertake do it, if you are going to help other beings do it, if you are going to lose weight do it, if you are going to parachute do it, but do not spend all day saying “I should do” and go on to say “it is already done” .