Generate income by organizing shared trips to different cities online

Now we share one travel related business idea but as a collective. This initiative has been created to solve the problem of perhaps hundreds or thousands of empty cars that exist today.

Perhaps you dedicate yourself to providing taxi service or in the future you are thinking of dedicating yourself to this, and surely you have analyzed how this item works. Every time the car parks of each country are getting bigger and this seems not to stop as well as the environmental pollution. That is why many no longer tend to win what they used to because of increased competition.

This is how it was born BlaBlaCar, a platform that allows you to organize trips using a shared car, that is, you will make trips to a certain city with different passengers who have the same destination in common. This way you can have greater job opportunities since there are many people who move from one city to another every day and need someone willing to transport them. In fact, by making a single trip, the emission of toxic gases will logically be less.

It is a platform in which as a driver you can publish ads for free and thus promote your trips to many people. This project is currently available in countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and Poland.

But if you are one of those who are looking for a safe transfer, then you will be able to locate trusted routes and drivers without having to register, in addition to verifying the comments and points of view of other users so that you feel comfortable during your trip, they will also facilitate interactive maps based on the GPS coordinates of the cities, all this from your smartphone (iPhone, Android). Customers will only pay when they need to book a particular route, apart from the price charged by the driver.

Without a doubt, it is an idea that is giving a lot to talk about and that you could easily establish in your own city.