Generate Additional Income with a Blog

The need to generate a additional income It is greater given the economic conditions that are present in the world today. In particular, I have always had the “tickle”To be devising new ways to generate income and that these in turn help me reach my goals. On the other hand, there are people who depend on that extra to be able to achieve a better living standard for your family, and that is why I decided to write some ideas (new and not so new) to generate income with the perfect business to work from home.Generate-Additional-Income-with-a-Blog

Before continuing I would like to highlight a basic aspect of any business or lucrative activity. Takes effort, nothing will be free, nor will they accomplish much overnight. The perseverance of the short, medium and long term objectives should be reflected with their actions. There are people who have already achieved through these businesses to have a constant income and not for that reason they stop working in them.

A blog as a business

As you have already noticed, I have little with this Blog, where I have decided to be in the niche of Social Networks, Marketing, Business, topics that I know and can write (or i try to write). The idea is something that has already circulated its years and with advertising platforms available To advertise your site, as you generate traffic to your website, your income from this advertising is reflected.

Initial costs are low, but you must invest between 50 to 100 Euros (1,000 to 2,000 MXN), To do it good. There are many options to do it at no cost, however If you want to have a well presentable site that is worth maintaining and that your audience likes to visit, you will have to invest.

The possibilities you have with a website in Internet are infinite or as limited as you decide To raise, every day there is also more competition and analyzing well what you are going to do through a brief investigation can help you not to go wrong on the way.

How do I make money with a blog?

There are many ways you can start generating income with a blog, however some will only come to a certain level of visits While others from day one you can start generatinga few cents / pesos, per click.

Google Adsense. One of the oldest ways to generate income in a blog, is to register in the Google Adsense portal, where they will give you a code that you have to paste on your site. Once placed they will start showing ads, yes a person clicks on one of them, you earn a small commissionthus. It is important not to over saturate your blog with ads of this type as it can look in bad taste. 1 or 2 per page are more than enough.

Affiliate program. With great diversity to offer products from companies related to your theme, affiliate programs will give you offer a commission which can be from 1% to 50% for every sale that is made by a visitor who has been brought to your site by you. In the market there are many well-known platforms such as Amazon, Clickbank, Mercadopago, etc.

Own advertising spaces. As your site becomes attractive to some companies You can offer spaces dedicated to them in the form of banners, mentions, articles or reviews, etc. These spaces will be able to replace the old banners of other payment platforms since you will dictate the price that will have to be paid for them.

Sale of Products / Services. A fairly profitable way to generate income is to create your own inputs for sale, I know it sounds quite complicated, but in reality it is not. The products could be to mention a few, Photographs, Ebooks, Courses, Videos, Manuals, Consulting, Coaching, or a product that you can send to your clients, you set the standard and the clear price.

Where do I begin?

I recommend that you always ask yourself these brief questions before starting:

  • In what subjects do I consider myself an expert or am I passionate about?
  • Who is interested in those topics?
  • How should I reach those people?
  • What companies invest in advertising for these people?
  • How much time can I dedicate to it per day?
  • What do I want to achieve in one year, three or five years?

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a better idea of ​​how to have a structure of topics and your scope. The following would be put together a small post plan (How often, what will you write, etc.). With that ready, we will take action by creating your first blog.

On this occasion as I am just creating the article that explains how to create a blog step by step, I rely on an easy and fast article of Luis M. Villanueva where you can have more detailed information, you can find it at

Tips that you should take into account.

Some tips that I would like to share with you before starting this great activity are:

Be very honest with you. The idea of ​​writing an article of 600 to 1,000 words once sounds simple, but as time goes by if you do not feel comfortable with the subject or your knowledge is insufficient you can fall into frustration and later end up leaving aside what you do been achieving.

Identify very well who you are going to write for. Your audience wants to know what you want to say, but speaking in the same language, with words familiar to both parties is very important.

Socialize. Social networks at the beginning of the project are essential to give that extra push to your traffic, always remember to socialize with people who are interested in your topics, address conversations and surround yourself with them (even virtually), so that they consume your content, spread and frequent it.

Read a lot of the topics you talk about. Reading will give you a starting point to write more and better. It will help you to read other blogs, observe how they are designed, how other people write their articles and comment on their blogs providing an interesting opinion (in the long run you’re making them look at you).

Always have fun. Despite being a business, job, occupation of your time or whatever you call it, you have to have fun in the process, play with the possibilities, your failures and your successes. Every day you wake up, knowing that someone will read what you write.

I hope this little guide has been useful to you, likewise help me to spread it among your friends, family, colleagues, the more people we are the better!

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