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Free temporary email or temporary email: How and where to get it?

Surely you have your personal email, but when you do not want to put it at risk to subscribe on the internet, you need a temporary email or temporary email.

It will be very useful for you to know how to get it and where to get a temporary email for example from gmail and above all for free, so keep reading and you will get all the information you are looking for.

What is a temporary email or temporary email?

  1. A temporary email It allows you to protect your privacy because it does not require registration, therefore your personal data is safe.
  2. Being temporary, the duration is limited, therefore it may cease to exist in a few hours, a few minutes or a few days and consequently all the information you recorded in that period of time will not appear again.
  3. Its main objective is that you avoid SPAM emails.
  4. You prevent your personal email address from being part of a database.
  5. You prevent spammers from stealing your personal data.
  6. Anyway, there are services that may require registration, which is why they are services that are not advisable.

What is a temporary email or temporary email for?

  1. A kind of temporary mail In addition to not putting your personal email at risk, it is free.
  2. There is no possibility of phishing.
  3. It is even a valid email so that you can make your subscription to the internet portal you want.
  4. You do not have to do the traditional registration for example to subscribe to forums or newsletters among many more possibilities of use.
  5. You forget to receive SPAM emails in your personal email.

How does gmail temporary mail work?

  1. You have the option of gmail temporary mail, which also helps you not put your original email at risk.
  2. When you opened your email in Gmail, they gave you a user, they reserved all the alphanumeric characters without distinction of capital letters or periods between letters and therefore with these characteristics there cannot be another user who uses them.
  3. For example if your original address was: [email protected] you can use other options like [email protected] or [email protected] or combinations with a middle dash or underscore between letters.
  4. You can manage the email address options in your own Gmail account.
  5. If you need it to subscribe to a forum, following the previous example you could choose: [email protected].
  6. There is also a filter so that all emails are sent to the trash if you no longer want to use subscriptions or to a folder while you are interested in receiving them.

How to get free temporary email?

When you don’t want to supply your original email address, a free temporary email It is the best option because they are accounts that do not require registration or password.

The reasons why you need it can be several, for example a download link that you need to receive, you want to try a service but you know that you will only use it once and then you will not need it anymore, because there can be many more reasons but how important you privacy will be kept safe.

However, although not requiring a password may seem like a convenience to you, it is also a risk because as long as the messages exist, anyone can read them.

  1. Guerrilla email

Guerrilla email, as a temporary email, has the peculiarity that the email address you created remains without an expiration date and permanently.

While the email address is permanently kept, the messages will disappear regardless of whether you read them or not and will disappear within an hour.

It allows you to personalize the email address with a name or your domain or choose from ten that the system offers you.

It offers you an identifier for encrypted email and SPAM messages. It also allows you to receive and send. messages. You can enter from here:

  1. Yopmail

Yopmail allows you to create your email address. The email address you created is not deleted but the messages you receive in the account will disappear 8 days after receiving them.

It offers you filters for SPAM emails and to send messages to other yopmail emails but not to other services. You can access from here:

  1. ThrowAwayMail

ThrowAwayMail has the peculiarity that as soon as you open the page, a temporary email is automatically created. In this way you can immediately receive messages.

However, once you turn off the computer or close it, that account you created and all the messages will disappear. When you revisit the website the system will create a new address. You can access from here:

  1. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a very simple service, because when you enter the website, a temporary email is automatically generated that you will not be able to change and you will use it to receive messages.

The email address is permanent, as it is not deleted if you don’t want to, as it has a Delete button in the left sidebar so that you can delete it manually. Login to

  1. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail allows you to receive a message at an email address that was created automatically when you entered the web, that is, it is an email address that you cannot customize.

As its name indicates, that address is deleted in 10 minutes, unless you indicate that it is not deleted with a click below the email address. Copy this URL

  1. MailDrop

MailDrop is an open source platform that allows you to customize the email address.

Its particularity is antispam filters and limitations such as writing messages without attachments and weighing no more than 100k.

If you do not receive any messages in 24 hours, the account is deleted and you can only save 10 messages.

  1. Mailinator

Other temporary mail you can get it with Mailinator The email address is not created by you nor is it created automatically but will be created when a message arrives.

You can use the [email protected] and this address will be created if it doesn’t exist. Then you will enter the web to see your mail that after a few hours will be deleted. Url is