Free hosting alternatives for pages made in wordpress

Although a web hosting that is reliable, whose performance is the best and of course that has good features is always essential, if what you are looking for is to save then a free wordpress hosting without a doubt it is for you and luckily you have several alternatives to start your project on the internet.

However, for your start, in addition to knowing these alternatives, it is also necessary that you know which is the best and how to install it, therefore to solve your doubts, below you will obtain all the information you need …

Requirements for a free WordPress hosting

Because there are several alternatives to a free wordpress hostingIn order for you to make a good decision, first of all you must know what the requirements are for your site to function properly:

  1. Although the best thing is that it has the possibility of a 1GB disk, at least it must have a space of 100MB and with SSD technology.
  2. All hosting has a monthly hosting support that has to do with data transfer, so at least you should look for 10GB monthly support although the best is 50 GB.
  3. WordPress is made with the PHP programming language, so you should look for a hosting version 7.0 or higher or at least 5.2.4.
  4. WordPress uses MySQL technology to store the information, so your free hosting should be version 5.6 or at least 5.0.
  5. It is important that you pay attention to the security of information and privacy of your users, with which you will target the web positioning of your site. For this, your free hosting must have support for HTTPS so that your website works safely.

How to open a free wordpress hosting

A free wordpress hosting, you will open it in, below you will learn step by step to configure it and you will be able to have your blog ready for free in wordpress:

  1. Enter wordpress in Spanish and click on Create website.
  2. Then you must choose a theme but do not stop for long because then you can change it if you want another as the design of your blog.
  3. Choose the free domain name and it will be:, because if your intention is that in the end it does not say you will have to buy a personal domain, configure it and then link it to
  4. If the domain is not free you will have to choose another name until it finally tells you free domain, then you will click on Choose.
  5. You will choose the free plan: Choose a free plan.
  6. In the next step you will create a user account with your username, your email address and password.
  7. Click on Create my account.
  8. Below you will see your control panel with the different options available to create a menu, add pages, publish articles, view statistics, etc.
  9. Finally you will receive a confirmation email and so you can start posting on your new blog, then click Confirm email.
  10. You can now see the design of your blog by entering with the domain you created.
  11. Then you must configure your blog according to your tastes by entering the URL you created where you will find the button My site, click and you will open the control panel.
  12. Click on Settings to configure your blog to your liking.
  13. In General you will see the settings that you can make such as description, name, if you want it to be a private or public blog, etc.
  14. In writing you will see the possible adjustments when you start receiving articles such as categories, etc.
  15. In comments you can configure the comments, for example if you allow users to comment on your articles, if they must register, if you want to be notified about a new comment, etc.
  16. You will use Import if you already have a blog and want to import its content to your new blog.

What is the best free hosting for wordpress

Now you are about to know which is the best hosting for wordpressWell, they are the platforms that link with wordpress without you having problems and they are the ones that will make your website work well:


X10hosting is the first on the list because the monthly data transfer and the web space is unlimited and in the free version it limits you up to two pages, but it is only available in English without the possibility of changing it.


Hostinger has a very easy to use control panel, it is also important to note that it uses PHP 5.6 technology, webmail service and SSD disks with space for monthly traffic of 100GB.


AwardSpace has support, the space on SSD disks is 1GB, the database is MySQL 5.0 technology, PHP uses version 5.2, the control panel is its own and has a file manager.


With 000Wehost, although it is in English, you can change it to Spanish. It has a 1GB web space, 10GB data transfer per month and the free version offers you up to two pages.

Although a free wordpress hosting is never the best option if you have a business and you are looking for a professional web hosting, it becomes a good alternative when it comes to you want to do a test or you need a hosting for a small website that does not have or does not it will have too much traffic.

How to install wordpress on a free hosting

Using the above example 000webhost and how to install wordpress on a free hosting It is very simple for those who do not know about hosting thanks to its intuitive interface, because you can install it through the wordpress installer or the 000webhost installer by following the instructions to install it with the automatic installer.

  1. Simply by accessing the 000webhost application you click on Install Now.
  2. Once you click on Install, the installation begins.
  3. When the installation is complete you will click on Go to the wordpress configuration page.
  4. Then you will choose your language and click on Continue.
  5. When you continue you will see the screen where it asks you to enter the title of the site with the administrator details, complete it and then click on install wordpress.

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