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Flexibility to be Entrepreneurs – Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Flexibility, one of the main commandments for every entrepreneur

To undertake is to follow a path in which we use our conviction and ideas to obtain results for our lives and for other people, however it is vital in this path to have a vital element, the FLEXIBILITY, be flexible with ourselves, with the strategies we adopt, with other people, etc.

Flexibility may not show us its real value at first glance, but from the moment we start a business, both online and offline, we will find ourselves in situations in which we must be flexible in order to move forward, otherwise we we will crash again and again, and what is worse, we will believe it is because of circumstances or factors that are not under our control and that we are therefore at their mercy.

The reality is that we always have the option of taking a different path, adding new ideas to a project that has already been defined, to a strategy that we thought was already planned in the smallest detail.

I am sure that each of the entrepreneurs who have fallen, gotten up and continued have thousands of anecdotes where flexibility intervened, otherwise they would possibly be doing something very different today from what they love, from what they are for. they fought through thick and thin to get a result that is at least close to what they hoped for.

So what are the areas or times in which we have an obligation to be flexible?

First and foremost, be flexible with ourselves, many times we are so rude and we judge ourselves in a very impartial way, without taking into account what we really know, what we have already achieved, what has already been walked on the way to where we are going. , Is that perhaps worthless?.

It is evident that if today we are breathing some skills we already have, knowledge that we seldom value but that nevertheless was enough to bring us to this moment and allow us to make new decisions, possibly that was the function of our past, to bring us to this present and to give ourselves a new opportunity, the opportunity to choose again, the opportunity to look once again where we want to go and think if that is still the direction we continue to choose for our lives; and if so, we can only keep moving forward since sooner or later then we will reach the place where we have seen ourselves many times in our minds.

Flexible with others, they are also in their own battle, in their own way and it is up to them just like us to make their own decisions, understanding this when we are in marketing, in sales, is vital, since it makes us see that only We can have results, we can only sell when we really understand our potential clients, because they, like us, would not buy something that they do not need or do not see its real value; This is part of our function then, to know them as much as possible so that we can offer them the real solutions that they are not only looking for but those that they really need.

And of course, flexibility must be constantly in us, since today we must have a totally flexible mentality, understand that nobody knows everything, that nothing is absolute, that every day we must learn something new, since only knowledge and its application can take us far beyond where we are today.

As entrepreneurs we need to be flexible mainly because not everything will work out in the first attempts, that is when we must stretch our hand towards flexibility and try again, in new ways, in new ways, until we achieve the result, which in most cases of the times it is much better than the one we expected in the beginning, There are times when we only improve and surpass ourselves only in this way, facing obstacles and finding that new and unique way that could only be born of ourselves.

One more reason, to be flexible with ourselves, with what we do and with others, makes us humble, sincere and simple, qualities that every entrepreneur also needs to achieve success in his life and business.

I hope this post is useful for you, one of the factors that we have to always work on as entrepreneurs is our mentality, and flexibility is part of it, one of the most important. I invite you to leave your comments or share this post with other people.

A cordial greeting and the best of successes.