Fear of selling- Tips that will help you achieve results in your business

I’m going to be totally clear, on the Internet and outside of it there is only one way to have money in your hands, to generate income; And this is TO SELL.

Yes, I know, many people, hundreds of entrepreneurs are held back in this part because they think they cannot sell, but the reality behind this phrase is that they actually believe that “they don’t like to sell”; and it is perfectly defensible, since the single word SALE has a negative connotation, we all hear the phrase, “nobody wants me to sell to them, but we all love to shop”.fear-to-sell

So how do we move forward with this?

Fear of selling – it’s all in the focus you give to this word.

The reality is that, I told you at the beginning of this article, only by making a sale you can achieve income, you can tell me that you work for a company, for another person, you have a boss, but still you are selling, you are selling your services to that company, they allow you to be part of their staff because your services are important or necessary, otherwise you would no longer be with them.

Apparently you do not have to sell anything, but you are selling the most important thing you have, YOUR LIFETIME, for a certain amount of money that you receive at the end of the month, an amount often fixed, regardless of whether your performance is excellent or is hands than normal.

WE ALL SELL something, with our partners, with our children, we sell ideas, we sell attitudes, unfortunately we sell our dreams sometimes, etc.

However, WE ALL SELL, but there are only two ways to make sales and achieve income both online and offline, these are:


The sale is an exchange, an exchange of value, something that others consider valuable because of what you consider valuable, many people do not want to sell, they are afraid of selling, but it is because they think that what they want to sell does not have the courage needed to be sold or to help others.

A correct sales approach is one that offers not a sale of a product or service, but one that “is offering help to your client, help with something they need, that you have and that has the courage to help them, then automatically You are not only selling to achieve income in your life, which you undoubtedly need, but you are doing it to help other people.

If there is a real business, this is the business of ideas, there is a famous phrase that goes more or less like this, “If you have financial problems, what you need is not money, it is ideas”, what a phrase, right?

Losing your fear of selling – the path to success.

In this article I also want to talk to you about some tips that you can use to lose your fear of selling, these are:

– Your first priority has to be to help your potential client

This is essential, you are not looking to sell, you are always looking to help and for this you need excellence in your product or service, detect what your potential customers want and try to help them in the best possible way by offering them the opportunity to access your products or services. .

– The important thing is action-

I know the idea of ​​selling is very tempting, but the reality is that if we see each client with the peso or dollar sign on their foreheads, our approach is not correct, yes, you may earn a few dollars, but in the long run this money will not be able to sustain your soul life and you will feel empty.

When you offer your products or services to other people, even now they are the ones who will look for you (Attraction Marketing) if you are really doing a good job, you need to forget about the result and focus on the process, on collaboration, on the help, and only then will you be making a valuable contribution not only to your client’s life, but also to your life.

– Active listening:

You need income, you need sales, but if you go with this idea in mind, it will not allow you to do the most important thing in a value exchange process, listen. Get to know your client, listen to what problems they have, what they need, what worries them, what worries them and put yourself on the same level. Remember that you are not going to sell them something, but rather you are going to offer solutions to their needs and problems. You solve him, you are a solver, you are not there just to sell him. A potential client who needs your help invests in your product or service, it is not “spent” or “it is a cost” for him. Therefore, focus on your customer’s concerns and not just on your product / service.

Your confidence is everything-

Your confidence in your abilities, in what you know, in what you are worth, remember that your value as a person is not at stake, the potential client may or may not access your products or services, but it is not an attack against yourself, the You can have thousands of reasons to buy your product, but also many times to decide not to buy it, not at the moment, you do not see its real value, compare it with another product or services, etc.

Your potential, your value is unlimited, it is not at stake at this moment, therefore enjoy, feel the process of helping other people, collaborating with the world, seeking to improve and always achieve a better product or service, this is what that will attract other people in search of what you have.

How to make a perfect sale


We can spend several posts talking about this topic, but I trust that this post about the fear of selling will help you, see the value it has, I invite you to leave your comments or comment on your doubts, it can be useful to all of us too , the experiences of other people also enrich our lives.

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