Factors that influence entrepreneurship

Factors that influence the results of your online business when undertaking

Achieving results in our business can be perceived in different ways, for some it may be to reach a certain amount of public with your product and make it really help people, for others it may be to achieve a certain amount or profit in a certain period of time For other entrepreneurs, it may be scaling or taking their business to another country, or reaching another type of market or distributing other types of products, etc, etc.

However, when we undertake there are factors that are mostly common to all businesses, this is the case of some factors that I want to talk to you about today, factors that in their appearance include only theory, but are nevertheless behind each action of marketing we do.

Thinking strategies, programming email sequences, building sales funnels, creating info-products, creating a brand in social networks, these are only actions, but behind this is what gives direction and foundation to them, if we are not consistent or we do not take these factors into account all the actions we do are doomed from the very beginning.

5 Factors that give direction, momentum and shape to each marketing action that you implement in your business.

As a good marketer our day to day is to be immersed in action, in the implementation of tactics, techniques and processes to lead our business to results, however theory is always first and even though it is far from equaling reality it is vital to give direction to everything we do.

1. Proper message

All marketing action, all movement or content creation is based on a message, an end, and this must be created based on a message that has to be appropriate for your ideal audience, so far nothing new, however when the results they do not arrive we must think if we are really speaking to our potential client in a language that he understands.

What do I mean when I speak of the language with which we approach our potential clients? Here we talk about the way we speak, express, the phrases we use, the way we refer when we want our message to reach them, etc.

Knowing our ideal client is the basis for creating the right message, for example the studies they have, the customs, where they spend their free time, the place where they are from, all this defines a unique and particular way of being, which we must use to put together our message; We cannot reach doctors using language that we would use to reach housewives; For this reason, the message has a time, a form, and also a medium, which is the point that follows.

2. Suitable channel

The medium or channel that we would use to spread our message is also born from knowing our ideal client, if it is a professional target, our message may be directed to magazines or specialized media on their subject, in creating Facebook ads specifically focused on their customs, habits, studies or ages; We can even set foot on social networks like Linkedin for a more specific or professional audience.

Currently, the variety of channels through which we can reach our public has diversified a lot, however, making use of a channel that is not the right one can be a waste and waste of time for us; that is why it is necessary to define what is very well before any marketing action.

3. Suitable segment

Currently we cannot cover large audiences, we cannot reach everyone, today people look for specialists in all the topics that may exist, the example of doctors is always appropriate, since one thing is a family doctor who can advise us perfectly, but only a cardiovascular specialist can perform an operation in a more effective way.

Everything always leads us to theory, who is your ideal audience, meet our potential clients, etc. And this is the first thing, we have heard it thousands of times and it costs us so much to assume it, the right segment, addressing them specifically is only achieved if we first study it, determine what our service or product is and for whom it is specifically directed. Every company, every product, every professional should have this as the basis for their entire business.

4. Appropriate service or products

I’m not going to talk to you again about your ideal audience, however, do you really know what they are needing, are they looking for? Since the answer to this is what we should be offering you, not something else.

Someone of repute once said that people do not know what they want until they see it, and I also agree with this statement, since people may want to have a solution for a certain problem, but we can provide it in different ways, even in new ways, ways that they did not know until now and that due to their benefits or qualities may be the best option to solve their problems.

Therefore, identifying the solution is vital but we will do it if we first know what they want, then it is only a matter of using what we have at hand as a way or means to offer that solution.

Search for customers constantly

Day every day hundreds of new users enter the web either as an active part of it or with access to technology to access an Internet connection, so as online entrepreneurs we cannot let a single day go by without our business or brand expand one more point.

Of course, we must appreciate and take care of the clients we already have, however we must also be creating new content, material so that they reach new users, which can be potential clients for our business; If we do not do it this way, we will gradually leave our place to other companies or professionals.

You may notice that here I am not talking about “competition”, but about opportunities to show your potential, what you can contribute to the world through a tool such as the web, with a vision and mission that only you can fulfill.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to leave your comments or share this post with other people who may find it useful.

Infographic: Factors that influence entrepreneurship

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